Apex Legends: A Beginner’s Guide To Lifeline

Apex Legends is taking the Battle Royale genre by storm, and the main reason for it is the variety gained by being able to choose different Legends, each with unique abilities. Lifeline is the Legend that most people will see first, as her character is used for the training mission.

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I’d advise all new players to start by playing through the tutorial. It takes just a couple of minutes and quickly goes through the main aspects of the game. It will also allow you to get a feel for Lifeline’s capabilities, something which you cannot do with any other Legend.


As with all the Apex Legends characters, Lifeline has three different abilities: a passive, a tactical, and an ultimate. Lifeline is a "support" class and as such her abilities are focused around healing and resupplies. Her passive ability is Combat Medic, her tactical is known as D.O.C Heal Drone, and her Ultimate ability is Care Package.

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Combat Medic

Lifeline’s first ability is an incredibly useful passive ability called Combat Medic which has two separate uses. The first is that you can revive knocked down teammates faster, while protected by a shield wall. The second is that healing items are also used 25% faster, allowing you to apply first aid to both yourself and others significantly quicker.

The automatic shield is the best and most useful part of this ability.

The automatic shield is the best part of this ability. However, you do need to pay attention to your surroundings to get the best use out of it.

As you go in to revive a teammate, and hit E to apply first aid, the shield will automatically deploy in front of you. This means that you need to go in to heal facing the direction any shots are coming from.

Being aware of what’s going on will help ensure that you deploy your shield in the best possible position to protect you and your teammate, while you get them back into the fight.

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D.O.C Heal Drone

D.O.C. stands for Drone Of Compassion and this little robot will automatically heal those near it over time. While the boost isn’t huge or fast, it can make a big difference, especially in long fights. It’s also incredibly easy to use. You simply deploy it and the drone does the rest.

The D.O.C. is best used in conjunction with other game tactics.

Its most obvious use is before a resuscitation. Hitting Q to deploy the drone before you go in to revive means it starts healing your teammate as soon as they get back up. It can also top up your own health under the cover of the shield, which Lifeline will throw up with the revive.

The drone can also be placed nearby when you are taking cover, allowing a quick health top up before your team moves back into battle. It also lasts for a reasonable length of time, making it a good solid ability.

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Care Package

Lifeline’s ultimate ability is arguably one of the strongest in the game. It calls down a drop pod, which is packed full of high quality, defensive gear. In a battle royale, this gear can make a huge difference to your team.

The pod itself can also be used as cover and can even take out an enemy, if they happen to be in the wrong place when it lands.

Some teams are gearing Lifeline to be able to call these pods down as often as possible. In-game items, such as ultimate accelerants, mean Lifeline can call more frequent drop pods, allowing teams to gear up fast.

The only downside to remember is that the ability is far from subtle. The pod takes around 30 seconds to appear and does so in a spectacularly obvious way, highlighting your position to nearby enemies.


Overall, Lifeline is a very strong supporting character. While she can go in all guns blazing, her abilities are best used in a support position. Keeping your distance then jumping in to revive teammates and heal up the injured is the best use of this Legend.

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