Apex Legends Lore Now Includes Mirage's Dating Profile


Some pretty steamy Mirage lore has just been added to the Apex Legends website. It’s his dating profile.

Mirage, aka Elliott Witt, is aged 30 and looking for love. At least, that’s what his dating profile seems to say. Or maybe he’s just looking for a good time. Or a pumpkin. Or maybe all three. It’s kinda hard to tell.

Respawn has put up general character profiles for all the legends in Apex Legends, but this seems to be the first time where they’ve put up something unique that really adds some flavor to a character. In this case, it’s the fast-talking Mirage.

According to his backstory, Mirage is the youngest of four brothers who all died in the Frontier War. Rather than go off to war with his brothers, Mirage stayed home, took care of his mom, and started bartending at his very own establishment. But what he really wanted to do was play in the Apex Games.

Sadly, he couldn’t leave his mom without any children, so he stayed put. Then his mom gave him a bunch of holographic doodads and told him to go be a legend. So he did.

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Which Mirage tries to leverage in his dating profile as subtly as possible, but just like his in-game voice lines, it sort of all gets garbled in verbal diarrhea.

via Respawn

To start, his rambling profile reveals that all of his friends are dead. So far, aces on the dating profile. Then he writes that he really likes wiener dogs and he once did Khionian mushrooms, "But we don't talk about that."

Then under his “seeking” section, Mirage admits that the mushroom incident took place during Dionysus and that he became very attracted to a pumpkin.

The guy gets points for honesty, but there is such a thing as revealing too much on the first date. Or before the first date, in this case.

Mirage, we hope you find the right gal for you. Or pumpkin. No judgment here.

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