Apex Legends Fans Are Having A Meltdown On Twitter Over Season 3

Apex Legends Fans Having A Meltdown On Twitter Over Season 3

The new wave of issues caused by Apex Legends' Season 3: Meltdown has ignited some anger on Twitter recently. The new update has generally been received well, but multiple caveats have hurt the experience for many of the game's players.

Now, the game now is prone to more crashes than ever. No one seems safe from the onslaught, which is driving many high-profile streamers and professional Apex players to Twitter to vent.

Counter-Logic Gaming's Nokokopuffs is a popular streamer in the Apex community and is one of the many who voiced their anger with the frequent crashes. In another tweet, longtime Halo professional (recently converted to Apex) Eric "Snip3down" Wrona wrote, "going from being so hyped thinking of doing multiple 12+ hour streams and consistent content to not even being able to play more than a couple games is just incredibly disappointing."

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To make matters worse, the Apex Legends' servers recently experienced some heavy turbulence.

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Players soon took to Twitter to rant about the server issues. EA seemed to fix the issue fairly quickly, but the problems certainly haven't helped its image.

Server issues and game instability are only a few of the issues players have had with Season 3 so far, however. Apex streamers and professionals are also upset about the new "charge rifle." Most seem to agree that the new weapon is overpowered and should be nerfed. However, Respawn has remained silent so far.

Additionally, players are not happy with the loot distribution on the new map, World's Edge. Complaints are largely focused on the lack of consistency when it comes to searching for loot. Running through give buildings and finding no armor or weapons can frustrate even the most dedicated players.

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Lastly, players have also discovered that they can access the upcoming Halloween event Flight or Flight when they change the date to October 18th. It was almost instantly patched, with many players speculating that its leak was the reason for Origin's temporary shutdown. Shortly afterwards, Respawn officially announced the details of the new loot event.

Apex Legends' third season is off to a messy start, but hats off to Respawn for taking risks and continuing to release more content for its players. The changes have been risky, but they have injected new life into the game, creating a lot of excitement. If these few issues are resolved quickly, players will only have more to look forward to this Halloween and beyond. However, we're sure to see more complaints on Twitter if they persist.

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