10 Hilarious Apex Legends Memes That Will Make You Ditch Fortnite

Fortnite may have a funny visual style, but these 10 Apex Legends memes prove just how hilarious the battle royale game can be.

Apex Legends was a massive hit as it pulled in 25 million players within its first week, which is more than Fortnite had when it first came out. This battle royale gameplay speaks to players who were sick of Fortnite or preferred something more similar to Call of Duty. It is the perfect blend of these two games, creating a fan base as the world has never seen.

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This fan structuring also means the memes have been pouring onto the internet, providing us with laughter and one more reason to love this game. Keep reading to see ten Apex Legends memes that will make you ditch Fortnite!

10 When You Try To Be Funny

A Mozambique is a gun which can be found all around the map and for good reason. This gun is horrible, except when unlucky players have no other options for loot. Other players will ping these on occasion as a joke, and when another player actually comes by to grab it they are flabbergasted.

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It is understandable that some people have different preferences, but the damage rates don't lie when it comes to this junky gun. Players who actually search out this weapon during a game should be questioned because, when you are bleeding out, you don't want to watch as his Mozambique fails him.

9 When You Don't Want to Be Jumpmaster

Players who land the role of jumpmaster have the responsibility of choosing the potential spot where the team could die. Players can become upset with you, voicing their opinions laced with profanity over the mic, but it is often times avoided when you relinquish the responsibility. Players can still ping a recommendation, but in the end, it's not their fault, but the guy who is now tasked with being the Jumpmaster. Pathfinder's electronic face says it all, as we go from happy to sad in a second as another poor soul jumps us to our death.

8 Lifeline Didn't Call in Her Care Package for You

Lifeline has the ultimate ability to call in a care package and everyone who plays fair knows she should have first dibs on the gear inside, but this is not always the case. The Bloodhound saying within the meme makes it appear her gift is plentiful and for everyone, not just her.

Many Lifelines will grow upset over this development during gameplay because their ultimate should benefit them, not the rest of the team before her. She might arguably be one of the most useful characters in the game, but this is one of the reasons people neglect to play with her.

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7 Bloodhound Sayings Apply to More Than Just the Game

Bloodhound's sayings are always in regards to death or the Allfather, the faceless deity he follows. This less than perfect student applied one of Bloodhound's sayings to his classwork, and it works wonderfully. Bloodhound has the ultimate ability to become the Beast of the Hunt, which can be argued to be a place between life and death as he hunts for those trying to kill him. This risky student described above is performing a similarly risky behavior of attempting to complete his homework before the teacher reaches his desk, which could result in a failing grade.

6 Then There Are These People

This is for the less-than-average players who have a habit of dying early on in the game. They loot everything, even taking higher level loot from better players when they know they shouldn't. They are the ones who run into a fight head-on with no plan of attack, ultimately ending in their quick demise. It is unfortunate, but it does provide his teammates with the things they might have needed or as a distraction in order for them to get away. This type of player always means well, but it doesn't usually go as they had planned.

5 When the Other Guy Grabs the Gun First

This is so true, especially when multiple teams land in the same location. You might watch as another player lands directly ahead of you on top of the gun you were eyeing and all you have is thermite grenade in hand. At that point, the only option is to run like the wind, and it will most likely end in death—especially if a bloodhound is giving chase with his enhanced tracking abilities. It can be a scary time when all of the guns have disappeared, but it is not impossible to escape unscathed.

4 Some People Just Don't Understand

We might have friends who don't understand our obsession with video games, not to mention Apex Legends. We have battled hard and long to become a champion, but it seems that no one around us understands your massive victory. We snap photos of it and probably have it framed because, in the end, its just us and the game—together forever. We want our friends and family to ask us about our Apex Legends abilities, but no one ever will, and it is a reality many gamers have to accept.

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3 Mirage's Decoys Fool the Best of Us

Mirage's decoys are so realistic it can be hard to tell which one is real and which one is fake. This meme describes what happens every time Mirage fools one of us with his pesky clones, as he sneaks up behind us to shoot us in the back. It is a useful tool for those playing with this character, but for everyone else, it can be a nuisance. His suave voice might seem non-threatening, but the second he throws these bad boys into the mix, it is game on.

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2 Caustic Bombs Are The Real Enemy

Caustic bombs are another vile creation by the minds behind this game. Caustic can put them literally anywhere and the damage it does to our health bar is detrimental, which is why he is the worst. He has an unfair advantage of booby trapping our favorite hideouts or of smoking us out with his putrid gas.  The caustic substance makes us turn red in anger as we struggle to find a door or a way out of the toxic mist and to safety. Many times Caustic himself is waiting on the other side, making our death quick and easy for him to render.

1 Fighting Can Be Heard Across The Map

This is a problem many players tend to complain about as nowhere is safe from the ears of enemy teams. Our squad might run into a team from time to time, but the second bullets start flying, teams come running from miles away. It usually becomes a random mashup of multiple teams and single players, where only the lucky ones will survive. The game makers should consider lowering the sound radius to decrease this negative side effect, but they probably never will.

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