11 Months Ago, A Redditor Tried To Leak Apex Legends' Minimap - And No One Believed Them

A Redditor posted a screenshot of the Apex Legends minimap eleven months ago.

Recently, a Redditor posted a screenshot to r/apexlegends of an Apex Legends minimap posted in r/titanfall. The catch? The picture was originally posted eleven months ago, well before Apex Legends was even announced. According to the Redditor who posted the screenshot, the leak was met with "pessimistic comments" and disbelief.

The original post of the leak was titled "Alleged Minimap for Rumored Titanfall Game," and features a map that many Apex Legends players will find familiar. The map is exactly the same as the one revealed during the initial announcement of the game and did not contain any text or commentary on the map, or what the "rumored game" might be.

The leaked map gained hardly any attention from the Titanfall community on Reddit. The post gained a grand total of zero upvotes and 14 comments, mostly from people saying the image was fake or, if it was real, that they wouldn't be interested in a battle royale game.

Several other Redditors from r/apexlegends speculated in the comments that the post eleven months ago was an intentional leak by the Apex Legends development team. This is because the Redditor who originally posted the map in r/titanfall is now a moderator on r/apexlegends, as well as r/ApexOutlands and r/ApexLFG. The moderator denied this and said they found the map in a thread on 4chan's /v/ board.

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The thread on 4chan was made by an anonymous poster who claimed to be leaking information on an upcoming Titanfall game because they knew "some guys in the industry." The poster then revealed that the upcoming game was going to be a battle royale and, after some discussion and Titanfall hype, dropped the map as an added bonus.

The 4chan poster also claimed that Titanfall 3 would be coming out sometime in 2019. Since the other information they posted seems to be legitimate, fans of the more traditional Titanfall games can probably look forward to a new release later this year, unless development has been delayed since the initial 4chan post.

It's unfortunate that this genuine leak for a game that has become so popular was widely ignored, but it's understandable. As several Redditors pointed out on the repost, many people were growing tired of battle royale games before Apex Legends' release, and Titanfall isn't a series that obviously lends itself to the battle royale genre. And, although it turned out to be true in this case, "I know some people in the industry," is hardly believable.

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