Bamboozled: 10 Tips To Make You An Apex Legends Champion With Mirage

Mirage is a Holographic Trickster extraordinaire already, but these ten tips will make him the ultimate Apex Legends champion.

Mirage is a Legend that on paper is very straightforward, but in reality, can feel ineffective for anyone inexperienced with the character. This is because his success in matches is primarily determined by your skill with his different abilities, which require a keen awareness of your positioning above everything else.

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Understanding all of this can be tough for anyone, especially if you are just learning the basics of Apex Legends. Luckily, we have put together ten tips on how to play as the Holographic Trickster that will help you decide what gear to grab and when to use your abilities.

10 Prioritize Grabbing Close Range Weapons

While Mirage's abilities can be used in a variety of situations, using them while closing in on enemies is where players will be able to get the most value. This means that trying to find guns like the R-99 and Peacekeeper that are effective at short distances is essential.

If you don't feel like going all in on close quarters combat, pairing weapons like the Spitfire or R-301 with a shotgun or sub machine gun can help you hold your own at longer ranges. Additionally, the full auto fire rates of these weapons make them useful up close in a pinch.

9 Use Psyche Out When Trying To Flank

The effectiveness of the decoy Mirage sends out when he uses Psyche Out is entirely depended on how the player uses the ability. Sending decoys directly at other teams will usually not work as most players have been playing long enough to know that a Mirage running straight at them is likely not real.

What experienced Mirage players try to do instead is position themselves behind cover near a group of enemies and send a decoy towards one of the opposing team's flanks. While this is happening the player will begin to move around the opposite side of the cover towards the enemy. At the very least the sudden appearance of two Mirages will be surprising enough to buy you the time needed to get closer to the enemy.

8 Think About How Your Decoy Will Appear To Enemies

In addition to knowing when to use Psyche Out, smart Mirage players will also keep in mind how the decoy will look from the perspective of other teams. When you send out a copy, it will not only move towards the marker you set, but it will also crouch or stand depending on which position you are in when activating the ability.

Keeping this in mind is important because you want the decoy to seem as natural as possible to have the best chance of tricking other players. If an enemy sees a Mirage trying to walk across a large open space while crouched, they will likely recognize that it is a fake. Similarly, if a decoy is standing near short cover most players would crouch behind, it will have a hard time fooling anyone.

7 Send Your Decoys With Aggressive Teammates

During your time playing Apex Legends, you are likely to come across very aggressive teammates who like to run towards the sounds of shooting and get into as many fights as possible. While this style of play may not be for everyone, you can use Mirage quite effectively in this situation.

If you notice that someone on your team is running out in the open towards fighting, you can send your decoy along with them to try and confuse enemies. Doing this can either fool other players into thinking they know where you are taking cover or draw some fire away from your teammate.

6 Use Vanishing Act When Rushing Another Team

In addition to using Psyche Out, Mirage can also use his ultimate ability Vanishing Act to reposition himself when approaching enemies. This is because using this skill will turn Mirage invisible for a short period of time and allow him to sneak up on an unsuspecting team. The ultimate will also create a group of decoys in a circle around the player, but the stationary nature of them rarely fools anyone.

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Players should keep in mind that the shimmer of the cloaked Mirage is much easier to see up close, so the ability is more effective at range. Ideally, you will use Vanishing Act behind cover to allow you to move around the flank of the enemy team before the invisibility expires.

5 Bangalore Smoke Makes Psyche Out More Effective


One of the easiest ways to fool another team is to send a decoy through Bangalore's smoke. It does not matter if the Bangalore is friendly or if you are even near the canister, as long as the enemy is focused on the smoke wall they will likely begin shooting at the first sign of movement they see.

Knowing this means that not only can you easily reveal the other team's position with the decoy, but once they are distracted you can either back off to escape or set up a quick flank around the smoke.

4 Only Use Your Knockdown Shield When Necessary

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Mirage's passive ability Encore! will turn him invisible when he is knocked down and create a decoy where he died. This skill can give players a brief window to crawl to safety before an enemy can make out the outline of the cloaked character.

It is important to remember though that this invisibility does not apply to knockdown shields, and using them will likely give away your location to any team looking in your general direction. So make sure you never use your shield preemptively and should only hold it up when you know you've been spotted.

3 Have Decoys Use Octane Launch Pads

Just like when it is used with Bangalore's smoke, Mirage's Psyche Out can work very well in combination with an Octane launch pad. Sending a decoy on to one of these will cause them to bounce up into the air just like you would as a player.

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So this means you can use launch pads to send decoys up to any high ground another team may be occupying or reveal the position of any trigger happy enemies. If you are concerned doing this will give your location away, make sure you quickly reposition yourself after activating Psyche Out.

2 Be Careful Trying To Use Your Ultimate To Revive Teammates Or Pick Up A Banner

While using Vanishing Act can be a great tool to appear behind an enemy team suddenly, it is not ideally used to attempt a risky revive or banner pick up. This is due to the fact that once Mirage is invisible, he is no longer able to interact with the world or shoot until the ability expires.

Many new players are not aware of this and will only end up putting themselves in a bad position rather than helping their team. What you should do instead in this situation is move in uncloaked and then use Vanishing Act as a last resort escape tool.

1 Ask For Gold Knockdown Shields

While all players can benefit from having gold loot in Apex Legends, some of these items synergize better with certain characters. For example, the gold helmet that lowers cooldowns for your abilities is fantastic when combined with a Lifeline because they will be able to heal and call down care packages more often.

Similarly, the gold knockdown shield is most effective when used by a Mirage because of his Encore! ability. The cloaking will give him a better chance of being able to crawl away, and Mirage will even remain invisible for the beginning of the healing animation.

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