• A little over four months ago news began to spread that Apex Legends was finally in development for mobile platforms 1 / 9

  • Since then there has been nothing new added regarding what this might look like, and when it will release 2 / 9

  • Such a task is not easy, and there are several features from the game that we would love to see included in the port, or that may be forced 3 / 9

  • As the map in Apex Legends is quite large, some have wondered if it would be a better choice to incorporate only portions of the map 4 / 9

  • This would allow for players to engage in action more quickly and cut down on periods of time where one feels as though they are not seeing 5 / 9

  • This, however, would be a mistake. If Apex Legends wants to remain relevant and maintain the interest of players, the map should be updated 6 / 9

  • Player count needs to be considered as well, as expanding will fracture the player base. Will the game roll out its promised cross play? 7 / 9

  • Check out the full article for more on Apex Legends on mobile! 8 / 9

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