10 Multiplayer Games More Fun Than Apex Legends

When it comes to video games, the concept of what’s fun and what isn’t is as subjective as subjective can be; some people can dedicate thousands of hours to crafting the ultimate team in Pro Football Manager 2019, while others can’t be bothered with anything save for a classic match of Call of Duty zombies.

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While EA’s battle royale Titanfall spin-off has won over many gamers in the past month, it certainly isn’t for everyone. For those looking for something a bit more intricate or outside-of-the-box than the latest iteration of the latest industry trend, here are ten recent games arguably more fun than Apex Legends.

10 Hunt: Showdown

Hunt Showdown Screenshot
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Overly-generic name aside, Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown is one of the most innovative and captivating multiplayer titles to release in the past few years. Set in the backwater swamps of the American south, players use in-game currency to buy equipment and mercenaries and embark on quests to find and destroy demonic bosses, all the while keeping an eye out for potentially dangerous rival hunters. It often gets tossed around in conversations regarding up-and-coming battle royale titles, but a Fortnite clone this is absolutely not. PvP is neither a goal nor a guarantee, and the overall experience is much slower and more methodical than most other games with which it is often associated.

9 Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Art
via: polygon.com

When it first launched back in March of 2018, Microsoft’s exclusive piratical exploration title Sea of Thieves was panned thanks to a lack of content. Much like Hello Games’ infamous No Man’s Sky, Rare’s first real outing in years was criticized for being as wide as an ocean, yet as deep as a puddle. That may have been the case when it first released, but, after a year on the market, Sea of Thieves has developed into a worthwhile if simplistic experience. While it still grows old after a while, there aren’t many other games that allow players to ban together and take to the seas in the same way as this title.

8 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 Primus
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It's easy to write off Activision's annual Call of Duty series as nothing more than a canned set of military shooters released only to capitalize on brand recognition, but that discounts some of the genuinely interesting things the newest installment is doing.

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Sure, it doesn't do much to get away from the overwhelmingly-disliked microtransactions system, but, after axing the campaign to focus on more multiplayer material, joining friends for a match or two in multiplayer or blackout is surprisingly enjoyable. That's to say nothing about the series-staple zombies mode, which is now more robust and in-depth than ever.

7 Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2
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Killing Floor 2 is that unabashed, unashamed brand of video game which looks an awful lot like the generic, over-the-top gaming facsimiles often shown for a few brief seconds in movies or shows which otherwise have nothing to do with the medium.

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A survival shooter in the most basic sense, Killing Floor 2 essentially dumps a group of players onto a map and asks them to hold out against wave after wave of twisted undead enemies. It may not be the most complicated title, but it’s a great time for those who want nothing more than to hop on with friends and spend an hour or so mowing down some zombies.

6 Vermintide 2

Warhammer Vermintide 2
via: gameinformer.com

Released about a year ago on the eighth of March 2018, developers Fatshark followed up their epic Left For Dead-styled adventure horror title Vermintide with a sequel which provides much of the same skaven-slaying thrill of the original without overstaying its welcome or straying too far from the path forged by the first title. Vermintide 2 is a co-op experience through and through, and single players will find themselves growing tired of the title much sooner than they otherwise would. Yet, while it’s often seen as an overused excuse, Vermintide 2 can be a total blast so long as have some friends tag along.

5 GTA Online

GTA Online
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GTA V may be looking at its fifth anniversary in the rear view mirror at this point, but age has done nothing to slow the success of Rockstar Games’ amazing, chaotic sandbox experience. There really isn’t much that can top teaming up with a squad of buddies and either engaging in the game’s planned, methodical heists or simply meeting up at the summit of Mt. Chilliad and driving a few trucks off of the edge of a cliff.

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While Rockstar has caught some flak regarding their monetization practices and implementation of DLC, there’s no denying that GTA Online is a quality multiplayer experience which isn’t soon to fade from relevancy.

4 Far Cry 5

Far Cry 4 Co-op
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Ubisoft’s longrunning Far Cry series of wild sandbox games has long been known for both quality and outlandish, tongue-in-cheek humor. While these games were classically enjoyed as single-player only experiences, Far Cry 5 allowed players to team up with a friend and liberate the citizens of Hope County via whichever means they should see fit. Unlike the relatively structured, repetitive nature of games like Apex Legends, Far Cry 5 can be whatever players make it out to be. From a massive, involved assault on an enemy compound to a laid back fishing trip, it’s hard to beat the awesome, open-ended nature of the series’ most recent mainline release.

3 Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World PC
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The first Monster Hunter title to see release on consoles since Monster Hunter Tri debuted on the Wii nearly ten years ago, Monster Hunter: World is as robust and intricate as it is entertaining. Monster Hunter has always been a fairly niche franchise of RPGs, and those who aren’t accustomed to sinking upwards of one hundred hours into a single campaign probably won’t be all that interested in this one.

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However, little can beat teaming up with friends to take on a series of teeth-grittingly difficult beasts, and the overall experience is so immersive and gripping that it would be tough to put the controller down even if you didn’t already have a white-knuckle handle on it.

2 Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Ghost Mode
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Despite the hideously erroneous naming scheme, Warner Bros. Interactive’s Hitman 2 is a total success which cultivates the previous game’s mechanics into the ultimate stealth assassin experience. What’s even better is that, for the first time in the series, players can either team up to take on a series of missions in Sniper Assassin mode or face off in a quest to see which is the stealthier killer in Ghost Mode. It may not be the most robust multiplayer offering of 2018, but it’s a fairly niche product which comes off as infinitely more thoughtful and planned-out than the overwhelmingly-samey mission style of games like Apex Legends.

1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster
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While fighting games tend to fall into a genre which only appeals to a certain group of players, Nintendo’s long-awaited Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the Switch release for which literally everyone and their mother has been waiting.

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The series first kicked off back in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 and has since grown to be one of the most important video game releases of all time. Smash Bros. Ultimate is a system seller on a console which is already abound with product-moving titles, and everyone with a Switch more or less owes it to themselves to give this thing a try. It may not be for everyone, but the game offers one of the most essential couch-based multiplayer experiences currently available.

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