Apex Legends: More New Legends Leaked (Yes Plural)

Update: Respawn has responded to the leaks and rumors.

The Apex Legends leaks keep coming, to the point where you have to wonder if Respawn even minds. Perhaps the developers like having dataminers so focused on their game, creating hype every few days when another thing gets revealed. Even if that is the case, the dataminers got hold of more than Respawn could ever want them to, revealing several new champions all at once.

A dataminer that goes by "Shrugtal" on Twitter recently tweeted out a collection of new findings. These were all images of some sort, including a new gun called the L-Star and what looks like the Tesla Trap that was teased in an earlier leak. But the most compelling result was art for what looks like several new legends.

Among them is a 3D icon for someone that definitely looks like Octane, a supposed legend that has been hinted at multiple times. One leaker even insisted that he was coming this week.

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Models also exist for several other champions who weren't as expected as Octane. Shrugtal also found something he guesses is icons for the character selection screen.

Meanwhile, on the Apex Legends subreddit, a user called FrozenFroh decided to collect all these models and icons and throw in datamined names to speculate over who these new legends could be.

via: FrozenFroh

Present are Wattson, who according to other leaks is the wielder of the Tesla Trap, and Prophet, who has been referenced in Apex Legends data before. One user did point out that "Skunner" is Scottish, and so might fit better on the redhead that others are calling Jericho.

Other commenters have connected the names to various things from history and even just the meanings of the words themselves. Rampart being the guy with the shield seems obvious. Husaria could reference Hussars, a group of Polish cavalry that wore wings on their backs. The attachment to the character pictured could very well be a cyber wing of some sort. Perhaps this is Apex Legends' version of Mercy?

Leaks are always exciting because they invite as much speculation as they do fact. Apex Legends has benefitted a lot from this phenomenon, keeping the player base invested as they try to piece together the future of the game. A mystery that, thanks to dataminers, won't require a Sherlock to figure out.

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