Apex Legends' Next Character Is Wattson

The Apex Legends team has unveiled the newest legend: Natalie “Wattson” Paquette. Her skills center around her knowledge and manipulation of electricity. She also has a powerful backstory, which was revealed on the EA Play livestream, along with her abilities.

Wattson is no stranger to Kings Canyon. She helped her father design the Apex Games’ Modified Containment Ring and literally grew up in the arena as it was built, surrounded by the other Legends. Her history gives us more information about the background of the games and is said to open up a wider backstory which the team is keen on exploring.

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She is a support character and has some unique abilities which look set to change the way the game plays. They allow for a play style that is more strategic than we’ve seen with previous Legends.

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The team designed Wattson with the intention of changing the status quo. It's expected that her abilities will allow for much more defensive gameplay. Respawn wanted to change things up, and this is one of the ways they are doing it. If nothing else, there's another Legend, besides Lifeline, who has a very good reason to use Ultimate Accelerants.

Wattson's Abilities Are Inter-related And Work Best Together.

The tactical ability, Perimeter Security, involves electric fences. You can place up to 12 nodes, in any pattern you want, and they will link together to form an electric fence. The utility of this ability is incredible. The fence will shut off to allow your team mates to pass through, but will damage and slow enemies. If an enemy player runs through the shield, it will also ping all team members to alert them.

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Wattson’s Ultimate Ability is called Interception Pylon. It’s a pylon that destroys incoming ordnance, meaning it can stop arc star spam, bombardments, or incoming grenades. It also charges your teams shields. It’s a permanent structure, which remains until destroyed, and up to three can be placed.

Finally, Wattson’s passive, Spark of Genius, allows Ultimate Accelerants to fully charge her Ultimate Ability. It also allows her tactical ability to recharge quicker when she’s in range of a pylon.

Wattson is definitely going to bring a new edge to the game, which players are sure to appreciate. She will arrive with the start of Season 2, named Battlecharged, which will begin on July 2nd.

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