Apex Legends: Octane's Abilities Have Been Leaked, Including A Hopefully Not Overpowered Passive

Apex Legends  has certainly been keeping us on our toes lately with regards to possible future content. This latest leak appears to show more details of an upcoming legend, Octane, including his kit.

Rumors about Octane began earlier this month, when Twitter account Real Apex Leaks  showed us details of what appeared to be new legends and abilities, including Octane.

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While Respawn have been quiet about specifics, they did release a year 1 roadmap,  which includes a reference to new legends. This means that we know they are coming, we just don’t know all the details.

The previous leak showed a possible ability named stim_injection for Octane and while this leak doesn’t match name wise, it could easily refer to an ability on the list.

The screenshot image, of unknown origin, was seen on reddit and certainly looks legitimate:

via reddit.com/r/apexlegends

The abilities also match well with what we’ve seen in-game so far, being slightly different takes on existing ones.

Swift Mend - Maybe OP?

If we take a look at the kit in more detail we can see a passive named Swift Mend. This is a heal over time for Octane, when not in battle. Time will tell if this ends up being overpowered, as feared by some commenters on Reddit,  but so far the balance of legends has been reasonably good, so I have faith in Respawn. I suspect this ability is likely to be similar to the heal over time health boost offered by Lifeline’s DOC drone.

The second ability is semi-unique, being a tactical which increases movement at the expense of health, like a relation to Bangalore’s Double Time. It has slightly more utility, offering an immunity to slows and the ability to control when it kicks in, but that comes at a cost to your health.

Due to the name and the image of a needle above this tactical, it’s likely that this ability may be what the stim_injection leak refers to. Certainly stim_injection implies some kind of stimulant ability, and it has the bonus of being much easier to type correctly than Adrenaline Junkie, the abilities proper name.

The final ultimate ability is Launch Pad, which is a deployable jump pad that catapults users through the air. This sounds interesting, especially as it seems likely that your team, if not all other players, can use it, in a similar way to Wraith and Pathfinder's Ultimates.

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Now the wait begins to see how much of this is real, but my money is on this one being legitimate. Here’s hoping it is, because Octane is shaping up to be an interesting legend.

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