Apex Legends: A Beginner's Guide To Octane

With Apex Legends' first battle pass, hype surrounding Respawn Entertainment’s new battle royale shooter is once again reaching a fever pitch. Though there’s been a bit of controversy surrounding what exactly is going to be included in the pass, fans are nonetheless excited about receiving more content. While he apparently isn’t going to be included in the actual pass itself, Octavio "Octane" Silva, the game’s new Legend, will be available for purchase as of today.

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Much like Caustic and Mirage, Octane will be obtainable through standard gameplay for 750 Apex Coins, but those who don’t already have the requisite in-game cash ready to go probably won’t be able to afford him on day one. That said, is this new hero worth all of the effort, or will he go down as a total waste of time and Apex coins?


Octane seems to be a character focused entirely on agility and speed; much like Tracer from Overwatch or Scout from Team Fortress 2, he seems to be the go-to choice for players looking to outpace and outmaneuver their enemy.

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That comes with its own set of risks and rewards, of course, but Octane’s smaller-than-average hitbox will make it easier to rush opposing players without being downed in the process. His abilities are also tailored toward active playstyles, so those who don’t typically prefer to take it slow and wait for their opponents to make the first move will get a lot of mileage out of this new hero.


As previously mentioned, Octane is—as could be assumed based on his name—all about speed, and his abilities are geared toward meeting enemies head-on and traversing the map as quickly as possible. For starters, his tactical, Adrenaline Junkie, allows players to trade ten percent of their total health for six seconds of a thirty-percent speed boost. That might not seem like a great trade, but it could come in handy when running for cover or rushing down an elusive opponent. Higher-level players will be able to make the most of this ability, while newer players should probably learn to use it sparingly.

Keep an eye on your health when you use Adrenaline Junkie, or you become your own worst enemy.

Octane’s passive ability, Swift Mind, is what possibly qualifies him as the most newbie-friendly legend in the game. When not actively taking damage, he will slowly heal himself. Passive health regeneration is perhaps the most useful crutch available to inexperienced players, and this could definitely help newcomers past the game’s slight learning curve.

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Launch Pad, Octane’s ultimate, further expands the movement abilities of both himself and his team. Once it has been charged, he can place a bounce pad on the ground which will fling players through the air. This could be helpful with exploration, but, thanks to Apex Legends’ lack of fall damage, it could also come in handy in combat. Newer players probably won’t find sniping enemies in mid-air to be all that easy or efficient, but veteran legends will certainly be able to use this to their advantage. It's very similar to Wraith's portal or Pathfinder's zipline - an ability that's primarily about movement, and is largely situational but sometimes very powerful.


Thanks to his passive regenerative ability, Octane will be an excellent choice for newer players. It will also mean that those playing as him can free up some storage space by avoiding syringes, and they also won’t have to rely as heavily on characters like Lifeline. More experienced Apex Legends players will be able to use both his active and ultimate ability to great effect, though Adrenaline Junkie seems like it would only be useful in certain situations. Overall, Octane definitely seems like a character worth the time required to unlock.

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