Apex Legends' Octane Leak - What Might Be Fake, And What We Know Is Real

Apex Legends is the hottest game around right now. Millions of players are hooked on the battle royale, and it's poised to get even bigger as time goes on. But even though it's already as good as it is, fans always want more. They want more guns, they want more locations, they want more content - period. Perhaps most of all, fans want more Legends to play as.

The Basics: More Legends Are Coming, And Octane Has Come Up A Lot

While we know that more characters are going to be added to the game, and we have a vague idea of when things are coming, there's no confirmed date or even information on when they'll go live.

Hence why the Octane leak is driving people crazy. A few weeks ago, a dataminer found evidence that two new Legends were on their way - Octane and Wattson. A few days after that, a redditor leaked what appear to be Octane's abilities. We also might know what Octane looks like now, if a photo of a computer screen is to be believed..

People are putting a lot of stock into the Octane leak, even though there's a strong chance that it's simply a very elaborate fake or maybe even an older concept that's long been abandoned. But there's a lot to the leaks that seem legit, and other things that seem a little off. So, what do we know?

What Data Miners Have Found

Data miners have been digging into the game looking for secrets for a while now. They've found some possible new guns, and possibly even some new modes for solo and duos. They've also found some names: the aforementioned Octane and Wattson.

So right off the bat, Octane is definitely the name of something in the game, if not a Legend. Not much is known about Wattson yet, besides something called Tesla Trap which could be an ability or ultimate. Meanwhile, Octane is connected to something called Stim Pack. That move is why a lot of people are buying the Octane leak.

As a lot of people have noticed, Respawn has liberally borrowed some of the abilities from their Titanfall franchise and given them to the champions of Apex. Wraith's Into The Void ability is almost identical to the ability Cloak, Gibraltar's Dome Of Protection is similar to the dome shield that some Titans could put down, etc etc. So most people are naturally assuming that Stim Pack will be the same ability as Titanfall's Stim, a move that boosts your movement and reload speed, as well as your health regeneration.

Octane's Abilities - Too OP To Be Real?

This has been further backed up by an image that appears to be a leak of Octane and his abilities as they may appear on the Apex Legends marketplace. This image shows his tactical ability as Adrenaline Junkie, which is where the similarities to Stim come in, as it boosts his speed at the cost of 10% of his health. He has a passive ability called Swift Mend, which heals Octane when he's not taking damage. Finally his ultimate is Launch Pad, which is a jump pad that can be deployed for himself and teammates.

Swift Mend seems like it could potentially be OP. It means someone playing the character could be in a firefight, run away using Adrenaline Junkie and/or Launch Pad and then simply heal back up without having to use a health pack. Then they could jump back into the fight fresh as a daisy.

This could be a cool strategy, but also seems like a better combo of abilities than most characters in the game. Why choose Pathfinder when there's a super fast dude who can heal himself without items?

What Octane Looks Like - Supposedly

Then there's the matter of the character design. Up until recently, there were only blurry images or images where Octane is obscured by other things. But now there's a leaked image that shows Octane in all his glory.

So to paraphrase Hermes from Futurama, this just raises further questions. First, can we trust an image from a twitter account called "ApexUpdate - News & Leaks"? The image could either be leaked from Respawn's offices or just someone messing around in Photoshop. Finally, Octane looks a lot like a bandit from Borderlands. Like this guy:

So Octane already looks like a possibly photoshopped bandit from Borderlands, with a kit of abilities that could be overpowered out of the gate. Yet the art does match up with the style of Apex, and Respawn has shown that they have a knack for creating shooters that are balanced and well designed. So it's possible that a fast moving, self-healer could work.

Respawn has made no official mention of Octane or Wattson.

Respawn has been radio silent on Octane; no formal announcement on whether he's real or fake has come out as of this time. We know new champions are coming, and that something is coming soon. And data miners have found some of this information in the game's files, which means in some way, some parts of this leak are partially true.

But Octane is a conundrum. His kit seems so strong, and his character design seems rather pedestrian. But on the other hand, if handled and balanced properly he could be an absolute blast to play. Plus the art and animation teams probably love a masked character, especially when it comes to creating new skins. No face to draw and animate means less work for everyone involved.

We've Seen Leaks Be Proven Fake Before

To say this all should be taken with a grain of salt is an understatement. We've seen leaks and rumors that seemed pretty legit pop up recently. Take for example the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leak that (so far) turned out to be untrue. There are talented artists out there who seem to live to fake people out and create hysteria over complete lies.

Until Respawn officially announces something or anything regarding Octane's existence, we have nothing to go on but the leaked data and images we have thus far. If Octane is real, then there's a real chance that he could end up being a super fun champion that everyone could flock to right away. And if he's not real, well, chances are Respawn has something up their sleeve that could be even better.

After all, most people didn't even know Apex Legends was even coming out until it did. Who knows what other secrets Respawn is hiding behind closed doors.

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