Apex Legends Patch Will Fix Gibraltar's Sticky Shield, Audio Issues, And More

Respawn has released a series of patch notes for the next Apex Legends update that will drop early next week, which will correct the bug that allows players to stick items to Gibraltar's Gun Shield and audio issues in the game.

Respawn affirmed that while the results of Gibraltar bug have been interesting and at times quite fun, “the behavior is not intended by design and could get out of control." The change will see that items no longer stick to Gibraltar’s Gun Shield, which will now deflect Arc Stars.

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The bug, which has been called “Gibraltoad” by fans, will be missed by many players. Along with this change, the glitch that caused Gibraltar and Caustic to take damage through their shields should be patched and will no longer occur.

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Various audio issues will also be fixed in the patch. There were many reported problems of sound dropping out or missing for extended periods of time. Respawn has said that “We have made improvements both in our code and with our content that will hopefully fix these issues for many players, and for others, at least lower the amount and length of time they encounter audio issues."

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Another sound issue to be corrected is the increasing volume of close proximity enemy footsteps. All of these sound corrections cannot come soon enough. The issues are distracting and have caused early deaths since there were no appropriate sounds to indicate that danger is nearby.

Another significant issue that will be taken care of includes a temporary solution for players experiencing crashes on Intel CPUs. While these changes are sure to be welcomed by all players, there are still a number of issues that haven't been included in the upcoming patch, such as collision on drops.

The Apex Legends patch will roll out early next week.

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