Petition Wants To Ban PewDiePie From Apex Legends, But Respawn Probably Won’t

Someone on Change.org is trying to get popular YouTuber PewDiePie banned from Apex Legends. However, like a lot of petitions on the website, it's probably not going to go anywhere.

No matter what you think of PewDiePie, his YouTube channel is definitely one of the most popular of all time. He was even named one of Time's 100 most influential people of the year in 2016. Despite all his fans, however, there are many who have criticized the Swedish YouTuber over racially charged content.

One person had so much disdain for PewDiePie that they actually made a petition on popular petition site Change.org to have Respawn ban him from playing Apex Legends. This is a somewhat confusing demand, since PewDiePie has never actually uploaded any videos of himself playing the game.

According to the petition's creator, identified only as Gabe V, the reason behind the petition is that PewDiePie "has ruined everything he touches" and allowing him to play Apex Legends would be a "death sentence" for the game. Gabe V appears to be very passionate about Apex Legends, and wants to prevent a drop in popularity resulting from PewDiePie making any videos about it.

Surprisingly, the petition is slightly more than halfway to its goal of 500 signatures. The petition also has two comments, calling PewDiePie's fandom "toxic" and agreeing that he will most likely ruin the game forever.

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PewDiePie has actually been uploading less and less video-game related content to his channel, as fans seem to be more interested in the YouTuber himself. In fact, the only videos he's made on gaming recently have been live-streams of himself playing Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox, as well as few other popular games. Even these seem to be less about a passion for video games and more about gaining subscribers to stay ahead of T-Series, who are poised to usurp PewDiePie's YouTube throne.

Considering how popular Apex Legends has gotten since it released, it seems likely that PewDiePie will eventually cover the game, if only keep winning the subscriber war. And, although the YouTuber has actually been banned from games before, it seems unlikely that a couple hundred signatures will stop him from doing so.

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