Apex Legends Is Getting Major Changes To Player Progression, Including Increased Level Cap

The announcement was dropped on Twitter and players can expect the new features to go live on December 3rd.

Respawn has finally broken its long silence regarding the future of Apex Legends, updating its player base on some exciting upcoming changes. The announcement was dropped on Twitter and players can expect the new features to go live on December 3rd.

The new additions are attractive, as players will now have the ability to rank up to level 500. This is certainly a welcome change, as many players have been stuck on the maximum level of 100 for quite a while — their experience points going nowhere.

Building on this improvement, the developers are adding a ton of Apex Packs to the fray. Here is the breakdown:

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  • Level 2 - 20: One pack every level
  • Level 22 - 300: One pack every two levels
  • Level 305 - 500: One pack every five levels
  • You will continue to earn 600 Legend Tokens per level
  • Apex Packs rewards will be retroactive

Past level 100, new level badges will be earned every ten levels.

Apex Legends New Level Badges
Via: EA

There are 36 new Gun Charms that will be added as well. Players will be able to earn one per 100 levels, not to mention that there is now a chance to find them in Apex Packs.


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Many professional Apex Legends players have been fighting off negativity and a lack of hope for the game's future. The announcement comes at a great time, as the tweet serves as a symbol of hope for its dedicated player base.

Respawn has been criticized for its last patch, buffing shotguns and snipers — weapons that were already notoriously strong. As a result, competitive players have been pessimistic about the future of the game, fearing a situation reminiscent of Epic's philosophy on adding B.R.U.T.E. mech suits into Fortnite.

Even though game balance wasn't addressed this time around, it is good to know that the developers are still working hard to bring fresh new content. The professional community seems to be unanimously begging for a nerf to the Peacekeeper shotgun, but that isn't in the cards for now. Players can at least rejoice that the new content is right on the horizon, even if some issues still require patience before they are addressed.

Source: Twitter

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