Apex Legends Players Are Complaining About The Game's Weird Loot Distribution

Respawn just launched Apex Legends Season 3, complete with a new map and plenty of hidden secrets. But one thing players want to know is: Where's all the loot?

It's one thing for a player to land in a hot drop zone and not find armor before a purple-shielded opponent one-shots them with a Peacekeeper.

But it's another thing for a player to run armorless through five houses while trying to escape the Pathfinder with an R99 that's grappling toward them.

With the introduction of new hop-ups as well as a brand new weapon and buffs to gold shields, people are gunning to try all the new and improved goodies.

So it would seem strange, then, that they're struggling to find even the most basic items.

The issue doesn't seem to be the amount of loot on the map, though that's open to debate here as well.

There's actually a lot of it, and players can find in places like buildings, the Supply Train, and Cargo Bots. In fact, players can even shoot down Cargo Bots to find keys that unlock "loot rooms," which YouTuber DooM49 describes in a video.

The issue is more of a twofold problem of what that loot is and where players can find it.

The map is much bigger than before, which means the game can randomly populate top-tier loot in remote areas that no one will visit throughout the course of the match.

And unfortunately, due to the game's balance mechanics, this means that players who drop in certain areas may end up only finding a couple of weapons in the entire vicinity.

In some cases, there may be a ton of loot, but it's the kind of loot that's useless on its own. Scopes and weapon attachments don't work without guns to put them on, and there's no point to having 100 rounds of heavy ammo if the only gun a player can find is a Mozambique.

Lousy loot makes it tough to face better-equipped squads, which players will inevitably encounter as they expand their searches to find better items.

It's not to say players think they need Level 4 shields right off the drop. In fact, the game's Armed and Dangerous Limited Time Mode proved players could have fun with minimal shield and weapon choices.

But some scenarios are problematic. For example, taking a fight without a body shield puts a player at an immediate 50-point disadvantage against opponents who have armor.

(At one point my own gameplay, I made it all the way to the start of Round 2 without so much as a white shield. This was a result of taking a fight soon after landing and then being forced to move toward a circle on the other side of the map without having a chance to properly loot. My team was also unable to find any health items.)

Apparently, Respawn is aware that the loot tables may be an issue. Facebook streamer ThePoolshark shared that he'd had a similar impression when he had a chance to play the game in advance of its Season 3 release.

It's only one day into the season, so it remains to be seen whether players will adjust or if Respawn will implement some changes. The game's development team has thus far done an excellent job taking player feedback into consideration during its iteration process. For example, Gibraltar is a much stronger character this season and Pathfinder received a slight nerf.

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For now, players will have to continue shooting down Cargo Bots, hoping for the key that will take them into the not-so-secret loot room.

Or, they can try the strategy that professional Apex Legends player Jared "Zombs" Gitlin employed in the ESPN Apex Legends X-Games Invitational.

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