PlayStation Gamers Choose Apex Legends As Best Game Of February

PlayStation 4 users have unsurprisingly named Apex Legends as February's best game.

February was rather an eventful month for the gaming world, given the aforementioned title's surprise release. BioWare also dropped the highly-anticipated Anthem as their first foray into the multiplayer universe. That did not go as well as planned, as you may already know, but that's neither here nor there where Apex is concerned.

Respawn's hit battle royale crept up on just about everyone. Overall, it was refreshingly great, save a few issues. However, the developers seem to be taking most fan feedback into account and have been flinging fixes at the game since its release.

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With over 50 million players gravitating towards Apex within its first month of existence, the reviews have been mostly great. According to PlayStation Blog, the title was voted as the best game of February.

The publication put out a poll asking players to pick their favorite February release, and, of course, Apex took home the gold. In fact, the free-to-play title is said to have "decimated the competition."

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"Respawn's addictive new battle royale decimated the competition, handily earning the Players' Choice crown for February," PlayStation Blog reports.

Justin Massongill, the Social Media Manager at SIEA, also had some congratulatory words for the Respawn team: "It was a fierce competition among the multitude of games that dropped in February, but early entrant Apex Legends has emerged as your champion."

"This tightly built evolution of the battle royale formula won the hearts of players worldwide with its smart, accessible approach to team communication, its colorful roster of playable Legends, and, obviously, the sliding," he said.

"Congratulations, Respawn! Bask in the glory of this victory — you’ve earned it."

As great as February was for releases, March is also set to be an active month. Devil May Cry 5 and Dead or Alive 6 are already here, having launched on the 1st and the 8th, respectively, while The Division 2 is set for a March 15 release.

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