Apex Legends PS4 Player Sets A World Record - As Mirage Of All Characters

The world record on console for most solo eliminations in a single Apex Legends match has a new holder, with a PlayStation 4 user claiming the accolade this time around.

A Twitch streamer by the name of "DLON" got himself an amazing 33 kills, 57.8 percent of the lobby, discounting the three players in his squad, to usurp the previous verified record of 31 set by Xbox player "Tollis" just this week.

The new top Apex star tweeted a photo of his stats for the milestone match, revealing a whopping 5,137 damage points en route to his remarkable win.

"So My first Achievement on APEX LEGENDS Was Reaching Rank 1 as Mirage on PS4 Now I Think I Hold The New Kill Record For Console! Let The achievements Keep COMING!" his post reads.

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DLON's 33 body count was actually achieved before Tollis' but it had not been verified at the time and could not be named the new world record right away.

From his tweet, you could see that there was hardly any help from his other two squadmates, probably random players he was matched up with. Playing as Bangalore and Lifeline, they had zero kills between them and dealt the combined damage of 69.

Sadly, there's no gameplay footage to further verify this, but that he's actually a highly-ranked Mirage player makes the feat easy to believe. Per unverified stats from Apex Tracker, DLON had registered a total of 1,223 kills with Mirage and ranked 374th in the world on PS4 at the time of this writing.

via apex.tracker.gg

While collecting 33 solo kills is quite the achievement, it still isn't enough to put DLON at the top of the charts as the overall world record holder for all platforms. That title still belongs to former Overwatch League pro player "Mendokusaii," who logged 36 kills on February 19.

Unfortunately, these records don't stand for very long, as players are gunning for the top spot literally every minute, some without even meaning to. DLON, though, can sit proudly on his perch for now.

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