Apex Legends: Redditor Proves That Barrel Stabilizers Do Absolutely Nothing

You'd think that barrel stabilizer your risked life and limb for would at least help your aim a little. Think again.

Apex Legends

One Apex Legends player has proved that barrel stabilizers do next to nothing to help your aim.

Apex Legends, like many first-person shooter games, offers mods to help improve your weapon's performance. Most of them have three or four different upgrades for either the barrel, magazine, sight, or stock (if your gun has one). All of them are good to have and most players make a point of trying to find these components during their games.

Well, all except one: barrel stabilizers. Apparently, just like the goggles, they do nothing. They might as well be cosmetic.

This comes from Reddit user fpsBoone who posted an experiment showing what each level of barrel stabilizer does to a Spitfire LMG. First, the gold Legendary barrel stabilizer. We know that this component has other effects because it’s legendary, making it useful beyond its usual purpose of reducing bullet scatter, but we’re just going to focus on what this thing does for the weapon’s firing performance.

From a few feet away, fpsBoone unloads an entire clip into the side of a wall. The pattern makes a zig-zaggy line of bullet holes going up the rock face. Then they swap to the Epic barrel stabilizer and do the exact same thing. Then the Rare, and then the Common barrel stabilizers. Finally, fpsBoone takes a few steps back and shows how they all compare.

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At first glance, they’re almost all identical. You can maybe see a slight variation between the lines, but that’s about it. There does appear to be some tightening of the bullet spread when you compare the Legendary and Common barrel stabilizers, but from a few feet away it’s almost imperceptible.

Does this mean it does absolutely nothing? Perhaps not from a few feet away, but over long distances, the increase in accuracy should be noticeable. However, you’re unlikely to be using the Spitfire over extreme distances. Assault rifles and the R-99 SMG might get more use out of barrel stabilizers. Or not. We’ll have to see another side-by-side comparison to know for sure. Get to work, Apex Legendes subreddit.

(Source: Reddit)

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