Apex Legends' Repulsor Has Activated And Leviathans Are Leaving

The Repulsor has turned on in Apex Legends and seems to be pushing the Leviathans out. However, some believe Crypto will turn it off.

Apex Legends received a map update recently that has players nearly in a frenzy: the Repulsor has turned on! You can jump into any match and see the giant antenna spinning for yourself. It is just one of many recent map updates added to the game ahead of the start of season 2, including the new Flyers and the stampeding Leviathans.

The newly active Repulsor seems to coincide with a popular fan theory about an upcoming hero. Players on Reddit are abuzz about what this update means for the game, both narratively and for game play.

If you've been playing for the last few weeks, you've probably noticed that the once static Leviathans have been moving around the outskirts of King's Canyon. The hulking beasts have been paired together in the distance on the south side of the map since the game launched in February, but recently they split up and began moving closer and closer to the island. Their progress hasn't always been forward or linear; they have been known to move slightly around the map. Until today, you could find one of them very close to Repulsor and the other just outside Runoff.

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Now ask yourself, what does a Repulsor do? Well, it repulses, of course. It's true: the Leviathans seem to be backing off today, indicating that turning on the Repulsor has indeed repulsed the monsters.

A popular fan theory based on a data mine suggests that things will again be changing in the coming weeks. Repulsor, it's speculated, will be turned back off by none other than the anticipated new character Crypto, at which point the Leviathans will be free to continue their approach on King's Canyon. After that, who knows what will happen.

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The other recent addition to the map - the Flyers - also seem to be moving from the area. However, how they fit into this suspected narrative is unclear, so here's hoping that all of these elements will eventually be baked together in a delicious lore-filled Tastykake.

These map changes are a welcome update to the somewhat stagnant content feed in Apex Legends since it released in February, as we've only received one new gun, one new legend, and a pretty underwhelming battle pass. The Elite Queue and Legendary Hunt were welcome additions, but they've really needed some strong lore and dynamic map elements to make the game interesting again. It would seem the Repulsor is doing just that.

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