Apex Legends Is Single-Handedly Rescuing EA's Plummeting Stock Value

Respawn's Apex Legends has managed to resuscitate EA's flagging stock value, which has plummeted earlier this month.

Respawn seems to have gotten every single thing right with their new Apex Legends battle royale game.

Despite keeping it a secret till the February 4 launch date, the developers have seen 10 million players join in their first 72 hours and the reviews have been mostly great.

It appears that the game couldn't have launched at a better time. Electronic Arts recently suffered their biggest stock drop in a decade, with shares tanking by 16 percent in value.

The company lost a lot of ground to Epic Games in 2018, courtesy of Fortnite, and their $262 million third-quarter earnings saw them fall way short of their $1.38 billion revenue target for the year as they only hit $1.29 billion.

The long-awaited Battlefield V proved disappointing, despite selling 7.3 million copies last year. And EA has blamed bad marketing and a delayed release for falling a million short of projected sales.

Fortunately, EA's stock has shot back up, solely as a result of the timely release of Apex Legends.

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"EA is now trading for almost $96 Why is this important?" @BenjiSales tweeted. "Apex Legends has single handedly brought back the entire loss from EA's quarterly reporting and is trading higher now than the pre-drop.

At the time of writing, however, it had dropped slightly (94.83) but that still represents a remarkable hike since Wednesday. And it's all thanks to the Titanfall battle royale that no one was expecting.

Apex Legends has dealt some serious damage to Fortnite, crushing the Epic title in Twitch viewership and attracting some of the most popular streamers in the business since its release. While it only needed three days to garner 10 million players, Fortnite took two weeks.

EA may have just found its savior. Respawn's gamble seems to be paying off in a major way and, with battle passes and other purchasable content planned for when the game's first season begins in March, things are bound to get even better.

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