Respawn Removes Caustic's Favorite Apex Legends Camping Spot

Coinciding with the almost universally-underwhelming season one battle pass, Respawn Entertainment has further upset its community by patching out a notorious camping spot in one of Apex Legends' bunkers. That may normally sound like a positive thing, but, if recent communal feedback is anything to go by, fans aren’t all that pleased by the revision.

The exploit was primarily used by Caustic mains to ensnare some unaware, low-level prey in one of the bunker’s many small rooms. The layout made perfect use of the legend’s gas traps and was almost unbeatable if opponents couldn’t catch on to what was happening right away.

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Respawn has since removed a small ledge above a door that made this spot accessible in the first place, and, while newer players would be happy about the patch if they were aware of the issue, veteran Apex Legends fans have taken to the game’s subreddit to voice their displeasure.

It may sound like a small gripe in the face of all of the game’s other issues, but this spot served as a major buff for Caustic, a legend who already sees limited use thanks to his exclusion from the game’s free-to-play roster. He can be unlocked through in-game currency, of course, but the removal of his favorite camping spot provides even less incentive for players to work towards unlocking him.

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Still, at the end of the day, camping spots are camping spots, and, while those who knew how to best take advantage of the situation may be upset to see it go, this is mostly a positive thing for the game. Free-of-charge titles like Apex live and die on communal interest, and, while longtime players aren’t likely to quit the game as a result of this small patch, incoming players constantly griefed by tactics like this won’t be as likely to stick with the experience.

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The strange thing is that Respawn must have known what it was doing when it was designing Apex’s map. This isn’t really a glitch, so that small ledge must have been placed there deliberately. It seems like a weird misstep to add it in and subsequently remove it once its intended purpose was overused.

What’s more, camping isn’t usually all that viable in games that prioritize staying on the move, so holing up in the bunker for minutes at a time isn’t always as lucrative as the YouTube clips would make it seem.

Yet, it’s an odd move for a developer that is thought to be on thin ice with much of its community. Respawn isn't likely to patch this back in any time soon, and fans will definitely be on the lookout for any other small changes made to the Apex’s world.

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