Apex Legends Dev's Star Wars Game To Be Detailed In April

Everyone loves Respawn right now. As the developer of Apex Legends it's become the talk of the internet. Its game is a massive hit, earning it money, praise and most likely brownie points from the big bosses at EA. Even Titanfall 2, its much beloved but not so successful shooter is starting to find an audience. Can Respawn keep up this level of success? Well considering it has a Star Wars game coming this year, let’s hope so.

Thankfully we’re due to hear more about the game, as it was announced on the Star Wars website that Respawn will reveal Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. The event takes place in April between the 11th and the 15th. It will be shown off in a special panel on April 13th, and perhaps we’ll finally see what the game is all about.

Right now details are scarce about the game. All we know is that the game’s story will take place somewhere around the time of when the infamous Order 66 was carried out, placing it somewhere around Episode III and likely reaching a little into Episode IV as well. The plot will also focus on a padawan who survives the extinction of the Jedis, and who will likely be a wee bit mad at the Empire. The most recent bit of Star Wars fiction to touch on this era was Rogue One, which was pretty dang good. There's plenty of unexplored history in this time period, which should make for an interesting tale.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was announced at last’s year’s E3 and immediately had people hyped. The makers of Titanfall developing a Star Wars game? The potential there is huge, and lately the reasons to trust Respawn have only increased.

Still, EA’s handling of the Star Wars franchise thus far has been a little iffy as of late. The Battlefront games have been victims of EA's meddling, with microtransactions so bad that EA had to basically issue an apology. Then of course there's the sad tale of Visceral Games, which didn't even get to finish its game before EA shut them down. It's amazing considering their mishandling of the franchise that Disney hasn't yanked the Star Wars license away from EA. Guess loot boxes aren't seen as a problem in the magic kingdom.

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Regardless of EA, Respawn has proven itself to be a steady hand. Titanfall has a devoted cult following, and Apex Legends has practically conquered the world. Here’s hoping EA can also keep its greasy mitts off of Fallen Order and let Respawn take us on a trip to a galaxy far far away.

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