If You’re Still Playing, Apex Legends Reveals It’s Season 2 Details

Apex Legends has revealed the anticipated details for Season 2, including Wattson, the L-STAR, and challenges. More details about the new season were announced today during a later segment of EA Play at E3.

As expected, the Battle Pass has received significant improvements, which may be enough to bring back players who fell in love with the game, but felt as though the grind asked too much of them for a series of underwhelming rewards. Considering all of the other content that was teased, this may be a first step towards getting back into the big leagues, as Apex Legends is more than equipped to be a top esports contender, now it just needs the player base to return.

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The L-STAR: A New Energy Weapon

We were shown the new L-STAR plasma rifle. It provides a high rate of fire like other automatic weapons and, most importantly, can knock down doors, giving it the utility of both melee attacks and grenades.

Better Challenges, Both Daily and Weekly

As stated, the Season 1 rewards and Battle Pass was overall underwhelming to players, and basically could only be learned by grinding it out game after game. Fortnite does this perfectly already with its weekly challenges, which are often unique and interesting, and force a player to shift entirely how they might approach the game, from the types of weapons to use and where to drop.

In Season 2 of Apex Legends, we are seeing a similar addition of daily and weekly challenges. Like Fortnite, the weekly challenges do not expire from week to week, but continue to be available and can be completed for rewards throughout the season.

Weapon Buffs to Destabilize the Meta and Keep Things Fresh

Good news for players who enjoy a shifting meta of weapon choices in the game, as weapon buffs will be occurring periodically throughout seasons going forward. For now, only the Mozambique is up for a buff to at least a level of being usable, which is nice considering that right now, it feels more efficient to drop your weapons and glower at your enemy, hoping that they will die of hurt feelings.

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New Cosmetic Types and Fewer Badges for Better Customization

Badges were one of the more boring and common awards in the first Battle Pass. For the second season, there will be only a single badge that levels up as you do.

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More Legendaries and Crafting Materials

This is a big one for those who buy into the game. Those who do acquire the premium version will have the potential to earn five Legendary items as they move towards rank 100. The last Legendary reward will be a weapon skin that evolves and has a recolored variant at level 110. The pass will also provide 1,200 crafting metals, which allows players access to craft one Legendary of their choice. This is a big improvement over last season and seems like sufficient a change to draw players back in on its own.

Surprises Are Inbound

While we were given a lot of information to process, there were still teasers to mull over. At the beginning of the event, “Map Events” was shown on screen, and may indicate the inclusion of Fortnite-style Limited-Time Modes, or something different, like short-term changes to the geography or loot drop rates of a particular area.

Finally, Wattson was introduced as the next character in the game, and you can read all about her right here.

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