Apex Legends' Revenue Down 74% After Dropping For Second Month In A Row

Apex Legends is not so legendary anymore. That is according to a huge section of fan comments, and the latest SuperData report which reveals that the game made just over a quarter of the revenue it made during its launch month, during the month of April.

As far as speed of growth goes, Apex was unheralded in that arena after dropping in February and attracting over 50 million downloads in its first month. Since then, things have trailed off quite significantly and, per the report, the Respawn Entertainment battle royale has seen earnings drop big time for the second consecutive month, making just $24 million in April.

Of course, $24 million is a lot of money. But, when compared to the estimated $92 million it pulled back in February, the message becomes quite clear: the hype is dying.

"Apex Legends generated $24 million in April, down significantly for the second month in a row," SuperData's report reads. "Monthly revenue now sits at just over one-quarter of the launch-month sales from February."

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So, having taken the gaming world by storm mere months ago, Apex Legends is hardly in the conversation nowadays and its player base has dropped significantly. Twitch viewership has also taken a huge hit, with Fortnite reclaiming most of the attention borrowed from it in February.

The issues this game is facing are well known and they actually aren't that many. The lack of new content seems to be the biggest gripe among players yet Respawn doesn't seem like it will budge.

Fortnite has been spoiling players with fresh additions every week; Apex, on the other hand, can only boast one new gun and a single new character since it's been out. The devs have stressed that they don't want to burn their staff out amid all of the crunch reports and accusations floating out there as of late, but they're paying for it elsewhere.

Respawn is understandably very busy at the moment. Apart from its Apex affairs, the studio is also working feverishly as they look to complete the development of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for November.

They're gonna have to do do something if they want to bring players back, though. And, to be fair, it wouldn't be that hard - just give something, anything.

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