Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass: Daily And Weekly Challenges Breakdown

Season 2 of Apex Legends is now underway, and it brings with it some new features. After a decidedly underwhelming first season, Respawn has kicked things up a gear with the introduction of a new challenge system.

In response to player feedback, Season 2 adds both daily and weekly challenges, which will help you boost your battle pass progress. Here’s what you need to know about this new system and its accompanying currency, STARS.

Daily Challenges


There are over 200 different daily challenges available and every 24 hours players will receive three challenges, chosen at random from the pool. Each one is intended to be achievable in a short play session, meaning players can complete them fairly quickly.

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These daily challenges reward 3,000 STARS each, a new type of currency which is linked to the Battle Pass system.

Above the challenge list is a timer, which counts down to the challenge reset. This allows you to easily see how long you have left to finish each day's challenges. This is especially helpful for those in non-US time zones, who will find that the challenges reset in the middle of the day.

Challenge progress is shown at the end of each match, next to your match statistics.

While the daily challenges are designed to be straightforward, some will be more difficult for newer players to achieve.

A challenge like “Land in Skull Town 2 times” or “Deal 200 damage in a bunker” is easily done. However, some challenges require wins or knock-downs, and others use unlockable legends which you need to purchase.

This means that the daily challenges may not always be achievable for those who are new, inexperienced, or haven't unlocked all of the available content. However, due to the fact they reset so frequently, even the newest of players should still be able to make good progress.

Weekly Challenges

Every week of the season will bring with it seven new weekly challenges. These are more difficult tasks, designed to be completed over a longer period of time.

Unlike the daily challenges, these are the same for all players and each set of seven is tied to a specific week of the season.

Players who start the season late will have access to all the previous weekly challenges when they begin, suggesting there is no specific time limit, beyond the season itself, for completing these. It also means they will be a good way to quickly boost Battle Pass levels for those who cannot jump into the season right away.

Three of these weekly challenges reward an entire Battle Pass level, while the others reward 6,000 STARS each.

As with the daily challenges, some will be difficult for less experienced players, such as getting 50 headshots with light machine guns. However, some are very easy, such as one which requires you to simply land in three different places. None of this first week's challenges require an unlockable legend.

Underneath each weekly challenge is a red bar which tracks your progress numerically. Some challenges have more than one part, such as the aforementioned landing challenge. This is noted by the red boxes to the left of the numbers. As you complete each part, a box will be filled. You can also tell which challenges have multiple parts at a glance, as the rewards appear in grey until you get to the final level.

Weekly Recurring Challenges

There are also three weekly recurring challenges, which will reset once a week regardless of progress made. Each one rewards an entire Battle Pass level.

The quests are to complete five daily challenges, complete ten daily challenges, and earn STARS and/or match XP.

The daily challenge quests are only able to be completed once per week, but the STARS one can be repeated an unlimited amount of times, awarding a Battle Pass level for each completion.

The STARS quest begins by requiring just 9,000 STARS or XP and doubles with each completion, up to a maximum of 54,000. It will reset back to 9,000 each week.


The STARS currency is specific to the Battle Pass. All STARS rewarded from daily tasks count towards the repeatable weekly challenge, which requires you to earn STARS or XP and rewards a Battle Pass level. This means that all STAR rewards, as well as all normal XP rewards, are helping boost your Battle Pass progress.

STARS only count towards this task. They do not have any effect on your account level progression.

Battle Pass Levels 90 - 100

While most of the levels can be boosted by completing the in-game challenges, it’s worth noting that you must earn the final ten levels through playtime.


The Season 2 Battle Pass has 100 levels. For those who chose to purchase the pass, there are a much wider variety of rewards available this Season.

Alongside the expected legend and weapon skins, you can also earn music packs, load screens, and drop emotes. The music packs replace the game lobby music, drop music and victory music with an alternative which fits the accompanying legend’s personality, while the emotes add some variety to jumps.

Players can also earn Apex Coins, Apex Packs, and, new to this Season, crafting materials, something much desired, but not delivered in the first season.

For those who don’t have the cash to splash on the Season Pass, you can still earn some free rewards. All players can earn the Hot Rod Wattson skin, 5 Apex Packs, and some Season 2 stat trackers.

Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Charge is now available for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin on PC.

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