EVERYONE Who Plays Apex Legends Season 2 Gets A Free Wattson Skin - But You Still Have To Buy Her

Apex Legends players who are enjoying season 2 can obtain a free Wattson skin, even if they don't have the character.

It's been a massive week for Apex Legends: with the release of season 2 on all platforms came a slew of patch notes, a new character, Wattson, and a full breakdown of all the rewards available for the new battle pass. Among those fresh rewards is a handful items you can earn by playing even if you don't purchase the battle pass, including stat trackers, 5 apex packs, and the Hot Rod skin for Wattson.

The skin is free for all players, but Wattson herself is not. Wattson, like Mirage, Caustic, and Octane before her, costs 750 Apex Coins, the real money currency in Apex Legends, or 12,000 legend tokens, the currency you earn for leveling up.

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Apex coins cost $9.99 for 1000, so the real money cost is about $7.50. Of course, there is a discount if you purchase higher volumes, so the math isn't exact. Legend tokens, on the other hand, can be earned. You receive 600 every time you level up. This means that it takes 20 levels to earn a new legend. If you have been playing even somewhat consistently since launch, there's a good chance you can afford Wattson with free currency, but it is good to know this detail before you get excited about the free skin, as it doesn't necessarily mean you can use it.

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The season 2 battle pass features a ton of new and exciting content for the game. In addition to skins for legends and weapons, you will also earn new music packs, a loading screen, and emotes you can use while dropping at the start of the game. The battle pass can be purchased for 950 Apex coins, or you can purchase the pass with a level 25 boost for 2,800 Apex coins.

The boost gives you some pretty awesome skins right up front, like Prince of Darkness Caustic skin. Again, if you played consistently during season 1, it is likely you've earned enough Apex coins with the season 1 battle pass to pay for the new one. If not, $10 is essentially the price for the pass. If you felt season 1 was lackluster, take a look at what is being offered here. There is more than enough to grab even the most jaded players attention.

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Season 2 will run for 3-4 months and has been tweaked to include some pretty exciting new incentives. There are now daily and weekly challenges to complete, as well as a set of rewards for completing all of the challenges.

The rewards are more concentrated and meaningful this time around, and they even included a new ranked mode to test your skills. There has also been a substantial update to the map, which you have to see for yourself, as well as new hop-ups, mods, and a new gun. All of this spells an exciting new chapter for the game. There is just so much content to sink your teeth into.

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