Apex Legends: 10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Season 3's New Map

Apex Legends' third season makes up the game's biggest batch of new content to date, definitively upping the ante with leading competitors like Fortnite. It features a new weapon, more loot, a new Legend, and perhaps most important of all, a brand new map to fight on. Entitled "World's Edge," this incredibly varied and dynamic locale features battlegrounds ranging from frozen cities to scorching lava flows within a stone's throw from one another. It's definitely a sight to see.

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However, leaving behind the familiar and comfortable confines of King's Canyon means learning the ins and outs of the map all over again. Thankfully, TheGamer's here to help you get a head start on that. Keep scrolling to check out ten things you really ought to know before dropping in and taking on World's Edge.

10 Geysers Are Essentially Jump Towers

In the trailer for season three, Octane can be seen leaping into The Geyser's titular feature to be swept up into the air, much like bouncing off of one of his jump pads. That depiction is just a little bit misleading concerning the actual results of doing this.

Geysers actually acts just like a Jump Tower, propelling the player high into the air and putting them into skydiving mode. It's still useful, of course, especially when you're ready to rotate after looting the area. But it's a lot more time consuming and much more noticeable to nearby enemies than a simple boosted jump.

9 Nowhere Is "Safe" To Land

King's Canyon had a few select locales that were heavily preferred for squads looking to get a cautious, quiet start, allowing them to loot up for the battles ahead. Swamps and Slum Lakes are the best examples to be had.

As of this writing, there really doesn't seem to be an equivalent to these locations in World's Edge. Some of this might have to do with players still figuring out the map and spreading out over a wide variety of drop locations, but it also seems like squads rotate much faster than they used to, likely due to the relative scarcity of loot in the new map.

8 Capitol City Is The New Skulltown

The worst (or best, depending on your preference) part of leaving King's Canyon behind for a lot of players has to be the loss of Skulltown, the consistently hot drop location that promised a fight the moment your feet hit the ground. However, it certainly didn't take players long to find its equivalent in World's Edge.

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Whether you're looking to obsessively drop there every game, or avoid it like the second coming of the plague, that place is definitely the Capitol City. Though it's a bit more spread out, it's still densely packed with lootable buildings, most of them being multi-story skyscrapers that make for excellent sniper perches.

7 Yes, The Lava Will Hurt You

It should be a little more than obvious that trudging through scorching hot magma is indeed detrimental to your health and well-being, but given the confusing impact of the ominously green water in King's Canyon's Water Treatment facility, it feels worthy of a mention.

The southern portion of the map in World's Edge is dotted with locations that host flows of lava, and yes, they will do damage if you decide to stand around in them. They aren't instantly lethal, however, and do surprisingly small amounts of damage over time.

6 Shooting Down Cargo Bots

Cargo Bots take the place of the "flyers" that were in King's Canyon, dropping payloads of loot for those brave enough to give away their position by shooting them down. However, there's a little bit more to them that necessitates some explanation.

The bot's actual cargo container changes colors as it floats along, from blue, to purple, and then gold or red. The color is reflective of the loot tier that is inside, so you'll need to time your shots in order to get the good stuff. Cargo Bots also have a chance to drop a Vault Key, which will open up one of the loot vaults spread around the map. We'll touch on those too.

5 Opening The Loot Vaults

In what may or may not be a nod to Borderlands, World's Edge features a number of "vaults" stuffed with top tier loot that will give your squad a definite advantage. The trick is actually getting inside of them.

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Shooting down Cargo Bots will occasionally yield a Vault Key, which is used to unlock them and claim their treasures. Three vaults are hidden away inside of underground tunnels and caves, and can be found just south of the Train Yard, due north from The Geyser, or a short jog west from Lava City.

4 There Are Tons Of Places To Hide

King's Canyon definitely had its nooks and crannies for crafty players to tuck themselves into to avoid a fight or prepare an ambush, but the sheer number of hiding spots and crevices in World's Edge is almost unreal in comparison.

Multi-story buildings, such as those within Capitol City, generally have a room on each of their many floors that can be holed up in, and outlying buildings (especially those with adjoining hallway sections, as seen in The Geyser) can be hid under or slid through. Practically every location has its equivalent, and getting creative with them pays off.

3 Loot Distribution Is Terrible

One of the biggest complaints to be had concerning World's Edge is how thin the loot distribution seems to be, particularly in terms of weapons. You know it's problematic when actually locating a Mozambique or P2020 is cause for celebration.

While any loot-centric battle royale title is bound to yield a few situations in which you're poorly equipped (or outright weaponless) after the drop, it's definitely a little out of hand with World's Edge, and more than a few players are venting their frustrations after being forced to attend a gunfight with nothing but their fists.

2 Sniping Is King

A sniper rifle was always a wonderful thing to have in King's Canyon, but in World's Edge, it's practically a necessity. The terrain outside of the more built-up and urbanized areas tends to be incredibly open with little cover, and a lot of the map's transition areas and choke points can be covered from a great distance.

Even some of the more close-quarters oriented locales, like Capitol City, offer so much in the way of verticality that sniping from a rooftop perch is generally the go-to strategy. And that's completely overlooking the fact that the newest sniper weapon, the Charge Rifle, is absurdly overpowered as of right now.

1 There's A New Supply Train

There are no Supply Ships to be found and fought over in World's Edge, but they've been replaced with a cool new Supply Train that loops around the map. Landing on the train is a bit more challenging, but every bit as dangerous and chaotic as a Supply Ship landing.

It's easy to miss, but in the cabin at the front of the train there is a button that can be pressed to bring it to a halt. Stopping the train at a station can cause it to reveal several supply bins that otherwise remain hidden underground, so keep your eyes peeled and move quickly to grab the extra loot while it's accessible.

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