10 Things Teased About Apex Legends Season 1

The first season of Apex Legends was big news and players were excited for the new features and additions to the game. Respawn Entertainment teased a number of features and some have already been released such as tier rewards from the Battle Pass, a new character and quality of life improvements for players.

Yet there is much that hasn’t been revealed and Apex Legends is continuing to taunt players via leaks and clever hints. Rumors of a mysterious new legend, upcoming world hazards, a new area in the game and more that have yet to be revealed. So here are the ten things Apex Legends has been teasing players with for their Wild Frontier season.

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10 L-Star Weapon

The L-Star Weapon is perhaps the biggest tease in Season 1 that has players the most excited. It’s a light machine gun that’s classified as an energy weapon and uses legendary ammo. It was first teased on the login-screen and showed the character Bloodhound holding it. Later it made an appearance in the Wild Frontier trailer and was held by the character Pathfinder.

Initially, it was believed to make an appearance in the game on March 2, but when the date came and went players were left feeling disappointed. Details of the exact date haven’t arrived, but players expect it should be around soon.

9 The Repulsor Is Broken

This one means more for the players familiar with the first Titanfall where the Militia destroyed a number of repulsors seeking to wreak havoc on an IMC base. The repulsors were designed to emit a sound that is irritating to local wildlife, specifically Leviathans and Flyers.

Leviathans are massive dinosaur-like creatures and Flyers are winged beasts that will be ridable for brief periods of time. Both creatures are expected to be significant hazards and present chaotic encounters for players. The trailers for Season 1 show the creatures will make appearances in various locations presenting a threat both on the ground and in the air.

8 Battle Pass

Players have been very excited for the introduction of the Battle Pass which gives players the ability to work towards exclusive loot and other rewards while playing the game. It comes with three wild Frontier Legend Skins on purchase.

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The major perk of the Battle Pass is that you gain rewards each time you level up in Season 1. The rewards vary from new weapon skins, Apex coins, badges, and more. The rewards are also retroactive, meaning if the Battle Pass is purchased towards the end of the season whatever level you reached will be your Battle Pass level automatically.

7 Rumored Legend: Wattson

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Wattson is the mysterious new legend coming out in Season 1. There are a few details about the character floating around, some of it speculative. Data mining and leaks have revealed that the character is female and her three abilities will largely have to do with electricity. One is called the Tesla Trap and the others are unknown.

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Many fans believe her real name is Natalie Paquette, evidenced by an article in the Newspaper that appears in the game’s intro video of the world’s lore. Players freeze framed the article and were able to get a peek at a bio of a woman named Natalie Paquette who is the daughter of the Lead Electrical Engineer for the Games.

6 Report Players For Cheating

Will not exactly something Respawn Entertainment has been teasing for Wild Frontier, it was something they promised would come along and players have been excited for it. With the Season 1 patch, players on the PC can report cheaters while in-game and players on consoles will be able to report cheaters while in spectate view or in their Squad Tab.

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It’s unfortunate that this is something players have been excited about, but cheating has been a huge problem for Apex Legends and any anti-cheat feature is going to create buzz. According to the patch notes almost 500 thousand accounts were banned for cheating.

5 Rebuilt Thunderdome

News about this new area was revealed by the Newspaper article titled “Kings Canyon: 10 Year-Old Thunderdome Rebuilt”. The article goes on to explain that the Thunderdome was built by IMC Outlands Expedition to be a sort of entertainment center that employees could enjoy.

It goes on to say that the Thunderdome will be located near Skulltown and will occasionally have high-level tier loot during the Games’ competitions. The lore behind the Thunderdome states that it was originally reserved for fighters affiliated with the IMC, but it started incorporating outsiders such as the Legend Pathfinder. Not much else is known about the Thunderdome or what insanity it may hold, but if it’s anything like the one in the movie Mad Max: Thunderdome it should be a very exciting place to fight.

4 Legend Bonus

The Battle Pass gives access to exclusive gear as the player levels up in the season, but it requires a hefty grind to get everything. To make the process easier, Respawn Entertainment unveiled Legend Bonuses that make the grind a little more bearable.

The bonus kicks in when the player uses different legends for each play session each day they play. However long the player survives with the different legend they earn a massive bonus of experience points, up to 25 thousand for each legend every week. Considering many players will be interested in experimenting with the new Octane character, this could be a very easy way to make significant progress on the Battle Pass rewards while learning to play with each character in the game.

3 New Legend Skins

This season has dropped three new skins for Legends and one will be freely granted to all players who participate in the Wild Frontier. Players who purchase the Battle Pass will be granted all three skins automatically.

The skins are Lifeline Revolutionary (that puts her in army drab with grease paint), the Wraith Survivor (keeps her edgy appearance and gives her a Mad Max vibe with studded leather armor), and the Mirage Outlaw (gives him a hybrid look of military and Mad Max with army drab, leather armor and grease paint). All three skins look great and fit well within the lore of the Wild Frontier.

2 Havoc Rifle Skins

The Battle Pass with Season 1 gives players the chance to earn some really cool weapon skins for the Havoc Rifle. The intro video for the Season 1 Battle Pass shows off the Silver Storm and Golden Gun skins that look incredible.

The Silver Storm skin gives the Havoc rifle a silver finish with checkered decal. The blue electrical rounds look amazing as they come out of the gun and gives the Havoc Rifle a much-needed upgrade in appearance. The Golden Idol follows a similar design giving everything a golden finish and this skin makes the electrical rounds green. These skins are considered the ultimate reward for the Battle Pass and a great incentive for players to max out their level this season.

1 New Legend: Octane

Apex Legends_20190326113028

Octane made an appearance last week and player’s are already big fans. After having lost both legs in the Gauntlet, a tutorial mission from Titanfall 2, he replaced them with mechanical prosthetics. He’s not afraid to live life on the edge and is constantly seeking new thrills and dangerous experiences.

Game-wise, he is the only character that can regenerate health passively which is useful for his Adrenaline Junkie ability that trades his health for additional speed. His ultimate is the Launch Pad that lets him create a jump pad for him and his squad. Fortunately for more frugal players he’s not Battle Pass exclusive and anyone can earn the ability to use him.

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