The 5 Best Weapons In Apex Legends Season 2 (& The 5 Worst)

The intense and exciting battle royale romp, Apex Legends, is known for a satisfying selection of weaponry. Given the quickness of the action, and how little time most players end up possessing weapons thanks to random elements and no respawns, it can be tricky to get a real grasp on how each gun measures up.

You've also got a number of modifications and nerfs via game updates, coupled with the recent Season 2 rollout on July 2nd. These tweaks, while minor, can still change the dynamic of the gameplay, further complicating things. But fear not! With this list, we will assemble an overall ranking of the 5 weapons you'll want to gun for most, as well as the 5 to avoid like the plague - desperation notwithstanding.

Of course, there are hop-ups to factor in here, which can drastically alter the effectiveness of a weapon, and the fact that everyone's playstyle/preferences are different. With these variables, compiling a true definitive ranking of these guns is an exercise in futility. But we'll attempt to be as accurate and close as we can here; considering a number of key characteristics that make for the best weapons.

10 Worst: EVA-8 Auto

On its own merit, the EVA-8 is actually not a horrible shotgun. It's a semi-automatic shotty that can inflict a decent amount of damage. The problem is that this thing essentially exists as a sort of poor man's Peacekeeper.

There's little the EVA can pull off that its older, more successful brother can do better, aside from its negligible increase in shells per mag and somewhat quicker rate of fire. Aiming can also be on the tricky side with this boomstick, as it produces a somewhat jarring jolt of recoil.

9 Best: R-301

It's tough to beat a good ol' Rambo-style assault rifle in FPS games, especially when it comes to this solid Apex variety. The R-301 stands as a very versatile weapon that's easy to use while packing quite a punch. It pumps out a more-than-sufficient amount of damage at a fast rate and proves very precise while doing so.

This weapon also receives a nice augmentation through the many attachments that it supports. This is a solid choice for a well-rounded rifle to pick for optimal mid-range shooting.

8 Worst: RE-45

For the record, the RE-45 has received a decent boost in DPS (125 to 145) for the Season 2 update, but this also comes at the cost of an increase in its rarity. Not that you'll want to really bother seeking this pistol out in the first place.

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With some pretty weak headshot damage and a recoil that's a bit ridiculous for a pistol, about the only scenario the RE-45 could prove decent is in a close/mid-range fight in desperation. It does at least has a pretty swift rate of fire, and there are worse options for a pistol, but there are far better options for light, quick-firing guns than this.

7 Best: Peacekeeper

The March 2019 nerf to arguably the game's two best weapons, the Wingman and Peacekeeper, has brought a more palpable dip in effectiveness for the Wingman. Despite this, the Peacekeeper does still manage to make our list, as it's still an insanely powerful weapon for close-range combat. Besides, the only real tweak implemented to the weapon itself was a slight dip in the rate of fire, with the other being its rarity on the map.

If you can get over its slim mag size and stick to close to medium range fights, this shotty is absolutely deadly. It can output crazy amounts of damage (110 base damage) and has little recoil for a shotgun.

6 Worst: P2020

As a quick go-to option when you're in a pinch, the P2020 is certainly better than nothing. Still, even when it comes to the somewhat meager pistols, there are better options - notably the Wingman, which despite its recent buff, is still a great weapon.

This pistol doesn't particularly excel in any area - with its average rate of fire and its low amount of damage output. It currently has the lowest DPS in Apex, sitting at a weak 36. Even with a minor buff for season 2 (new Hammerpoint hop-up and slightly increased damage), this weapon still leaves a lot to be desired.

5 Best: L-STAR EMG

Making its debut in Titanfall 2 and showing up recently in Apex with the Season 2 update, the L-Star EMG arguably stands as the best LMG in the game pound for pound. This fully automatic plasma rifle can zap opponents with an insanely high amount of damage (252 DPS) and comes equipped with an ample mag size of 40. It can take out multiple enemies with a single magazine, and at a pretty long range.

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Its only downsides (aside from its rarity) is its odd recoil and tendency to overheat if used too heavily. Though lacing it up with the right hop-ups can make this beast truly devastating and effective.

4 Worst: Alternator

While SMG's usually prove a versatile and effective go-to for spraying ample amounts of damage, the Alternator is easily the worst in this category. Though it at least boasts a decent rate of fire, it doesn't mean a lot if the damage is awful, which is the case here. You'll also likely be reloading quite a bit with this thing, given the small mag size.

With a strange crosshair, brutal recoil, and few shots per mag, this is a pretty ineffective weapon that won't often do much to an opponent. This falls in the category of a "desperation" weapon when you're scrambling to grab something at the start of the game or being revived. The Alternator has received a slight boost in damage (13 to 15) for season 2, but it's still in the bottom tier overall.

3 Best: Kraber

There's a reason this legendary weapon can only be snagged via airdrops - it's an absolute beast in most areas. The Kraber .50-cal SR can inflict a whopping 125 base damage and 250 head damage, allowing you to make short work of your opponents - you can even pull off one hit kills on a fully armored opponent if you're effective enough.

This is assuming you get the hang of the clunkiness that comes with the minor recoil and the unique bolt-action. Still, as far as sniper rifles go, this is the sniper to use for optimal long-range destruction. You know you're dealing with a special kind of weapon when the thing comes with its own unique ammo.

2 Worst: Mozambique

Even with the addition of the Hammerpoint Rounds attachment that's compatible with it, there's still absolutely no reason to use this awful shotty unless you've got no other choice. Besides, all the Hammerpoint gets you is increased unshielded damage, which is likely going to be useless after some minutes into the battle anyway.

This thing is small for a shotgun, which gives it a slightly quicker reload, but given its pitiful mag size of 3, it hardly matters, as you'll be reloading it often. It also comes with some brutally low accuracy, limited range, and mediocre damage stats across the board. The Mozambique has basically solidified its place as Apex's ultimate desperation weapon and has even become the butt of meme jokes.

1 Best: Mastiff

If the Kraber is the ultimate long-range killer, the Legendary Mastiff serves the same function for those gritty, up-close-and-personal fights late in the game. This beast of a shotgun can also only be picked up from rare airdrops - but if you can get your hands on one, you're in business!

This weapon pumps out a ton of damage as it fires a line ofpellets that condense when aiming down the sights. It has a solid 144 base DPS  and is very effective with its lack of recoil and long range. It's also the only shotty to come with a 2x headshot multiplier, so you'll want to aim high with this boomstick!

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