Apex Legends: Shadowfall - The Best (And Worst) Legends

Shadowfall, a spooky limited-time mode in Apex Legends, pits living Legends against undead fallen Legends. Here's who to use and who to avoid.

Shadowfall, a spooky limited-time mode in Apex Legends, starts as a nighttime Solos Mode but then pits surviving players against undead fallen Legends. The undead characters are collectively known as the Shadow Squad. As Shadow Legends, they are unable to use weapons or their character abilities. However, the shadow beings move extremely quickly and deal 158 melee damage. This means they can knock a still-alive, fully-shielded Legend with only a couple of melee attacks.

Between the darker aesthetics of the Kings Canyon night map and the added challenges of zombie-type players, Apex Legends characters have different strengths than they might in the game’s regular mode. Here's a list of the best Legends to play in Shadowfall, as well some Legends to avoid.

Play: Pathfinder

Pathfinder — a.k.a. Octane’s legs — can use his grapple and zip line abilities to escape hordes of Shadow Legends. Should a Pathfinder survive to be one of the last ten players, he can use the zipline to bypass many of the shadow enemies and move directly to the rescue ship. At this point, the zip line becomes extremely helpful to other surviving Legends as well.

Play: Mirage

Mirage’s decoys are helpful against Shadow Legends. These creatures see Mirage’s decoys as bright red, human-looking beings. This makes it very easy to trick a Shadow Legend with a decoy. Additionally, Mirage's Ultimate Ability could be very helpful in allowing him to reach the rescue ship undetected. The undead Legends are unable to see him during his short period of invisibility, during which he can attempt to navigate to the ship.

Don’t Play: Crypto

Though subject to debate, many would say Crypto is best as part of a team. Teammates can cover for him while he remains stationary to use his drone. His Tactical Ability is useful to share information with his allies so that they can push as a team. Unfortunately, these abilities are less effective for Solos. An enemy may rapidly change their location before Crypto has a chance to get out of the drone state and move close enough to take out the opponent.

However, the fact that his Tactical requires him to be stationary is reason alone to avoid using him. His inability to move while using his abilities, paired with the Shadow Legends' ability to see living beings in bright red, makes him an easy target for Shadow Legends.

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Play: Wraith

Wraith’s phase ability is very useful for dodging Shadow Legend melee attacks. However, when playing as Wraith, be strategic when using the portal as the undead can use it, too. When facing other Legends during the early part of the game, her smaller hitbox serves as an added bonus.

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Don’t Play: Gibraltar

While Gibraltar’s Ultimate Ability is useful for killing undead Legends en masse, the dome shield Tactical is ineffective. Shadowfall's zombie-like creatures don’t use projectiles, so the dome isn't very useful against them. Using it won't protect players from Shadow Legends' aggressive melee attacks, plus it also draws attention to Gibby's location.

Play: Caustic

Caustic’s NOX gas traps are effective against Shadow Legends just as they are against living Legends. Using these strategically can block melee attacks. For example, Caustic’s gas traps and Ultimate Ability can choke zombies as the surviving Legends approach the rescue ship at the end of the game.

Play: Octane

Octane’s speed boost is a huge advantage in this mode as this can help the character outrun zombie attacks. Paired with the jump pad Ultimate Ability, Octane can quickly reposition against zombie attacks and knock out Shadow Legends before they’ve had a chance to turn around.

Legend Preference Above All

While the suggestions above offer some Shadowfall-specific considerations, players should ultimately choose the Legends they're most comfortable playing. Gamers can earn in-game rewards by racking up kills, killing creatures that lurk in supply crates and getting wins in both modes. Therefore, it's best for the player to run with Legends that will help them reach these objectives.

Apex Legends: Shadowfall is a limited-time event and runs through Nov. 5.

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