Is This Apex Legends Skin Actually AriZona Iced Tea Product Placement?

According to Apex Legends' lore, Sergeant Anita Williams – also known as Bangalore – is a professional soldier who competes in the Apex Games after a military operation gone bad, hoping to one day earn enough money to afford passage back home.

Over the weekend, with the release of her new "Cherry Bomb" legendary skin, players are asking a vital question about Bangalore: does she regularly enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of AriZona Iced Tea's Green Tea, always available at local retailers for just 99 cents? Or is she just a e s t h e t i c?

The skin's cherry blossom design bears a striking similarity to the familiar can. While it's not uncommon to see the pink blossoms of a cherry tree used in art, using a seafoam green background makes it hard to ignore the resemblance.

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The comparison was first made by a user on the Apex Legends Subreddit.

Of course, some users pointed out that the green and pink colors are complimentary, meaning that the similarity between the designs could be entirely coincidental. The post itself was soon removed for being "low-effort."

This completely ignores the possibility that EA is reinterpreting Bangladore's tragic tale of love and loss, where an ambush caused the lifetime soldier to lose the one thing that she loved above all else: the satisfying-yet-affordable taste of AriZona Iced Tea.


Separated from a world where your thirst can be quenched for less than a buck, Bangladore finds herself forever dwelling on the iconography of the beverage that has been denied her by her exile into the Outlands.

In a desperate attempt to take comfort in her memories of the long-lost  refreshment, Bangladore does what she can to fashion her own life in remembrance of the soothing liquid. Following the advice of her spirit guides, Ginseng and Honey, she seeks to become an avatar of tea itself, providing all those who see her perform with a mild boost in energy and a vaguely-positive feeling about the fact that they didn't just give in to temptation and buy themselves a soda.

Unfortunately, there's no official word from EA or AriZona Iced Tea whether there's any product deal, intentional reference, or complete retooling of a character's backstory.

Source: Reddit

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