Apex Legends Streamers Have Mixed Thoughts About The Latest Update

The new Apex Legends Voidwalker Event patch went live today, and there's been no shortage of Twitch streamers to watch showcase the new content.

The new Apex Legends Voidwalker Event patch went live today, and there's been no shortage of Twitch streamers to watch as they showcase the new content.

DrDisrespect has been known to stream Apex Legends a decent amount (specifically when he includes it in his infamous "Triple Threat Challenge") and today was no exception. He started things off hot by teaming up with streamer LyndonFPS to check out what the new update was all about.

The Doc instantly criticized the cosmetics he saw browsing the new store, stating, "all this stuff just blends in to me." He isn't the only one who hasn't been impressed with Apex's store, considering the heavy criticism Respawn has taken for their pricing model.

Dr Disrespect and LyndonFPS then went to check out the new playlist, "Armed and Dangerous," a limited-time game mode where players can only find shotguns and snipers, not to mention hardly any armor at all. They decided to drop at the new area on the map – "Labs" – which is essentially impossible to miss considering the massive warpgate that hovers above it.

Players can launch from the dropship directly into the warpgate and to the bottom of the lab bunker, or do the reverse and land on the ground and use the other end of the gate to launch back into the sky. The Doc soon adapted to this new warp mechanic and decided to improvise with his stream's overlay effects, leading to absolute hilarity.

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RealKraftyy, a streamer for TSM, has been one of the top Apex Legends Twitch streamers for a while now – and he was absolutely thrilled with the new skins. Not only that, he seemed to be having a blast messing with the new warpgate near the Labs, just like The Doc.

There were quite a few mixed reactions from professional Apex players. Aceu, one of the most popular Apex streamers who plays professionally for NRG (winner of the recent Twitch Rivals tournament), had a few blunt remarks about some of the new content. After complimenting some of the new weapon skins, Aceu was quick to criticize the size of Wraith's new helmet, describing it as "f***ing enormous."

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Aceu also praised the nerf to Wattson (she now takes increased damage), but just as quickly claimed that the new game mode "sucks."

Senoxe, a somewhat under-the-radar streamer (and member of the first team to reach the coveted "Apex Predator" rank, Sentinels), drew a funny comparison to the "Nazi Zombies" game mode from Call of Duty titles. Due to the excitement surrounding both the new game mode and the Labs area, large amounts of players end up desperately funneling out of the bunker with no weapons. This gave Senoxe a good laugh on stream and he dispatched them with seemly no issue, comparing players to zombies (NSFW).

Check out the event for yourself over the next few weeks! Fortunately, Respawn seems to be dedicated to giving players and streamers enough content to work with lately. Here's hoping they continue to build on what has been well-received, yet quick to fix issues that the community draws attention to.

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