Apex Legends: Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Wattson

Respawn Entertainment has decided to trade constant updates to Apex Legends in favor of a healthier and better work environment for their employees. This means that changes don't come as often as they do in Fortnite, but that isn't a big deal if they continue to add really neat characters like they most recently did with the addition of Wattson.

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She was the 10th legend added to the game and has a backstory that ties her closer to the Apex Games than anyone else. Let's look at her interesting past and present as we dive into 10 things you didn't know about Apex Legends newest character, Wattson.

10 Anti-Air Legend

Wattson's ultimate is a team's best defense against all sorts of ordinances. It will destroy any grenades or projectiles that teams fire near it and can make all the difference in a fight.

Her interception pylon also replenishes shields while it's up and can save precious seconds of you switching to the appropriately sized shield canister to put you back in fighting shape. Wattson's abilities are all about setting your team up in a position that gives them plenty of advantages to come out the other side victorious.

9 Her Real Name

Wattson's real name is Natalie Paquette, and not to many people's surprise Watson. Her last name is immediately noticeable to anyone familiar with the construction of the Apex Games in King's Canyon.

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This can lead to her either getting marked as a possible target, or her immediately gaining the respect of those who are properly educated about the world around them. She's one of the younger participants coming in at the age of just 22. Don't let that fool you though, Natalie Paquette is wise beyond her years.

8 Zoning For Days

Alongside her interception pylon ultimate ability, Wattson can also set up electrified gates that interconnect with one another and can create unique combat scenarios. They can be very useful both outdoors and inside buildings and when paired with her pylon can create a fortress of solitude that would make Superman nod in approval.

Though they can cause damage to opponents, teammates can run through them with the only drawback being that the electricity goes down for a couple of seconds.

7 What's With Her Nickname?

Her nickname Wattson is an obvious play on her fascination with technology and electronics. Respawn Entertainment has done a great job of creating unique characters with specific powers and somehow end up naming them things that just feel right.

Sometimes they're also playing on the real names of the characters like Octane, whose real name is Octavius. Her or her father could also be big fans of Sherlock Holmes and decided since she was her father's sidekick the name Wattson just made sense.

6 Quick Learner

Being the child of an engineer or scientist can often give you an intellectual advantage as science and math can come to you a lot more naturally. Wattson's father was an electrical engineer so it's no surprise that she has a natural engineering talent and interest just like he probably did.

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She's described as the type of individual who, once they find a passion, does everything in their power to devour any piece of educational material on the matter and become so familiar with it, it feels like second nature to them.

5 She Built What?

When Wattson was first announced many people's first assumption was that she was going to be the poster girl for the game. A cute girl who could pull in both female gamers as well as males due to her cute and stylish fashion, intellectual capabilities, and overall adorableness.

Turns out she was solely responsible for creating the ring people run from in every match. Yeah, she created the thing everyone fears, which also happens to be the most important part to Apex Games overall.

4 Electric Connection

When you have a character whose nickname is an electric pun, and her backstory on how she got interested and involved in electrical engineering is also a pun, you just go with it. Growing up Wattson saw firsthand the happiness and sense of accomplishment her father received as his machinations came to fruition.

As she grew older she started feeling a positive connection to electricity and her purpose and aspirations lit up right in front of her. Wattson was able to find the appropriate outlet to allow her intellectual energy to surge through the cosmos.

3 Why All The Layers?

Though Wattson sports the cutest default skin in the game, people are wondering why she's wearing so many layers. It's not necessarily a thing to do with showing more skin, but rather King's Canyon is hot and it seems like wearing all of those jackets and layers could put you at an uncomfortable disadvantage.

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The likeliest answer to this question is that she wears them because she interacts with electricity at rather close proximity and they provide proper insulation. Also, it's a super cute outfit and sometimes fashion and discomfort come hand-in-hand.

2 Dream Day Turned Disaster

Wattson was the engineer behind the Modified Containment Ring, otherwise known as The Ring. It's the primary piece of technology in the Apex Games as it is solely responsible for creating challenge and conflict in matches by limited the playable area over time. On the day she was set to unveil it to the world, tragedy struck.

Her father passed away the same day as the unveiling and left her all alone. Thanks to her friends she quickly found a family that would help her continue to focus on creating and innovating.

1 Daughter Of A Legend

The world of Titanfall has only continued to expand since the release of Apex Legends. It's introduced a broad audience to new planets, creatures, characters, and stories that have created more questions than answers. One of these questions centers on Wattson's father, Luc Paquette who was the lead electrical engineer for the Apex Games.

He, unfortunately, passed the same day Wattson was set to reveal The Ring which left her all alone. The growing theory is that the commissioners of the Apex Games known as the Syndicate played a part in his untimely demise.

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