Apex Legends Fan Theory: Wraith Is A Titan Pilot After A Botched Regeneration

A new fan theory on Wraith's origins has been gaining popularity among Apex Legends players on Reddit. The theory proposes that Wraith lost her memory because she was a Titan pilot who underwent Regeneration, a process that makes pilots faster learners at the expense of amnesia.

In a post which has since gained over 2.5 thousand upvotes, a Redditor outlined several reasons why Wraith could be a pilot. The first is that Wraith has a pilot emblem on her chest, specifically, the emblem Titan pilots receive when they undergo regeneration ten times.

In the Titan series, ten regenerations are the maximum number a pilot can receive, making tenth regeneration pilots the most skilled on the battlefield.

Specifically, Wraith was probably the pilot of a Ronin, a Titan built for high damage and speed. This is because Apex Legends makes two direct references to the Ronin in connection to Wraith: the Ronin banner and paint.

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Wraith also has the logo for Hammond Industries on her Jumpkit, the only direct reference to the company in Apex Legends. Since Hammond Industries designed the regeneration process, this further supports the theory that Wraith was a tenth regeneration pilot being used for experiments by IMC.

These experiments, especially if they involved the phase dimension, would probably be the source of Wraith's void powers, as well the reason behind her memory loss. It's also possible IMC was trying to improve her beyond ten regenerations, or even create an eleventh regeneration. When the experiment failed, the company abandoned Wraith in a Detention Facility in an effort to cover their tracks.

Wraith wouldn't be the first pilot to be affected by amnesia from Hammond Industries' technology. Ash, a simulacrum pilot from Titanfall 2, lost much of her memory when her mind was transferred from her human body. There was also a cut simulacrum antagonist from Titanfall 2, Jester, who was unaware that he lost his human body because IMC deleted those memories when they transferred his mind.

Wraith is one of the more mysterious Apex Legends characters, so it will be interesting to see if the game adds any more lore about her past, or her connection to IMC. For players who are also fans of the original Titanfall series, Wraith's backstory may help fill in the blanks between Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends, which takes place about ten years after the end of its predecessor.

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