Apex Legends: Top 3 Places To Drop On The New World's Edge Map

Apex Legends New Map Top 3 Places To Drop World's Edge

Respawn turned a new leaf with the introduction of new Apex Legends map World's Edge, serving as the successor to the game's first stomping grounds, King's Canyon. Season 3: Meltdown has caused the game to feel like the Wild West; It is a completely new frontier and everyone is scrambling like mad to be the fastest to learn the new turf.

Those who frequent Apex Legends know that looting is key. If your team makes a bad landing from the dropship, it could instantly spell game over. So where are the best places to drop on Apex's new map?

Apex Legends World's Edge New Map

Before we get into recommending specific locations, keep in mind the following general rules when dropping anywhere:

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• To raise your chances of making it deeper in the game, drop away from the exact path of the ship, extending your team towards an edge that is a bit more inconvenient to reach from the dropship. This will raise your chances of hitting an area of the map completely uncontested.

• Starting with building clusters that are towards the edge of the map is normally a good decision, just be sure to keep an eye on the zone. The center of the map is more inviting for third-parties to arrive and wreak havoc upon otherwise fair fights.

• Try to pick 2-3 areas of the map to land at repeatedly. More consecutive repetitions will result in learning the subtleties of the map much quicker than randomly dropping each time.

• Look around as much as possible during the drop; Knowing if you are dropping alone or being contested is very important. If you aren't contested, try to get an idea where the closest teams are landing and exercise caution when rotating to a new area.

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So what about the new map? World's Edge is a combination of dense loot areas and wide open spaces, making your opening drop crucial. Here are some of our top picks:

Lava City

Lava City Loot Apex Legends Worlds Edge

This area of World's Edge doesn't attract too much attention yet. It is towards the edge of the map and appears to be a small loot area when looking at the map. However, the buildings are each multi-storied and contain more than enough starting loot for a team. It is also decently isolated, so if a team does come with, the fight won't be easy to third-party. From Lava City, The Dome offers a decent path towards the south of the map, The Geyser to the north.


Refinery Loot Apex Legends Worlds Edge

Refinery is an underrated drop at the north edge of the new map. It doesn't look like much, but actually offers a good amount of starting loot for such a small area. Additionally, other teams might be scared off if they think the Epicenter is too hot, and your team might be left with the entire ice-covered area for free. If the Epicenter is contested, we recommend looting fast and rotating immediately west towards extra loot and the redeploy balloon, if needed.

Lava Fissure

Lava Fissure Loot Apex Legends Worlds Edge

Lava Fissure area is another great option that is located on the west side of the map. Many teams won't stretch this far for such a small area, but if they do, there is plenty of loot to secure for a fight as well as paths to retreat through. Plus, the tracks may give your team an opportunity to raid an unlooted passing train (its loot value is quite high).

Of course, there are plenty of other options and things to explore – it all depends on style and strategy. Some teams like to drop "hot" as much as possible in Apex Legends; The Train Yard, Capitol City, Skyhook, and Sorting Factory each offer plenty in terms of immediate action. However, for those looking to be selective about fights and smart with their rotations, a more consistent approach to World's Edge might just found in some of the more subtle areas of the map.

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