Apex Legends' Top Players Drop At These Locations, According To New Heat Map

If you don't think where you land in the Apex Legends arena is important, you might change your mind when you find out that the game's highest-ranked players almost always land in one of just three spots.

We know this because a player has taken the time to create a heatmap using a tracking program to analyze data from over 120,000 matches.

Reddit user ZYy9oQ posted his findings in the form of an informative illustration to show us the most popular drop zones in the free-to-play shooter. And, as you might have guessed (if you're very familiar with the game), Skull Town continues to be a favorite and is one of those three locations.

Skull Town and Market have both been favored by players in Season 2 but the ranked mode shows some more variety as they've been dropping a lot further across the arena than they did in Season 1.

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Check out the heatmaps below and see for yourself.

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The first two maps show the difference in landing between Seasons 1 and 2 while the third presents the differences in areas landed in between ranks. The locations marked in white or grey show an even sharing from bronze to predator.

More images showing the popularity of drop zones by rank can be found here.

According to the heatmaps, Skull Town, Hydro Dam, and Swamps are the favs among top Apex players. Lower-ranking players are more spread out.

Skull Town and Swamps both contain high-tier loot, so it makes sense that players would want to get their boots on its grounds first as opposed to anywhere else. Hydro Dam, though, only has low to medium loot.

ZYy9oQ does point out that his information should be taken with a pinch of salt because there are significantly fewer matches at predator level than there are at lower ranks, yet the heatmaps still give a fair idea as to how top players approach the game during its initial stages.

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