10 Epic Apex Legends Trick Shots All Pros Should Master

Apex Legends has now been available for gamers to master since February, lending players the ability to call themselves pro gamers. Pro gamers are known for their proficiency of a game, as well as special sets of skills which are better than those of an average joe. These gamers have created trick shots to prove their legendary status in a variety of games, and Apex Legends is no different.

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There are several trick shots available for gamers to try and master, and they range in difficulty. There are some which are easier than others, but only those who can complete them all are considered to be the best of the best. Keep reading to learn about the ten most epic Apex Legends trick shots of all time.

10 The Slippery Ninja

This is a relatively simple trick shot which any above average player should be able to perform. It involves ducking into a slide, jumping into the air, spinning once, and shooting an enemy on the return while still airborne. The spin is what makes this difficult, as well as the incline a player is on, as it throws off their sense of direction. The other player could have shifted or moved enough to the point where they are out of range, which is why less-experienced players should probably steer clear.

9 Octane Super Jump

This trick shot involves the use of Octane's launchpad, hence the name of the trick shot. This shot is performed by jumping off of the launchpad, spinning a few times in the air, and shooting an enemy while still airborne. It might take some practice and a couple misses before you get it right, but the glory you will receive is what makes it all worth it. Your gaming buddies will praise you as the greatest player of all time, and you will deserve all of the glory that comes with it.

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8 Drop and Pop

This trick shot is for all of the sharpshooters who play this game because it requires accurate precision. This is performed by dropping down off of any high ledge and shooting at an enemy while you are still on your way to the ground. The enemy may be moving or a great distance away and you, as a player, have to be able to calculate where you need to shoot in order to get the kill. It requires a quick thinker and extensive dexterity which is something only the best players have in their arsenal.

7 Arc Star Master

Arc stars are tricky items to use, and mastering them will put you on another level altogether. This trick involves a player dropping off of a high ledge and launching an arc star into a building for a kill. This is by no means an easy shot to achieve, and the precision involved is something only high-level players can seem to master. Anyone can launch an arc star into a building, but to do it while airborne is something of a legend.

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6 The Dreidel Gamble

The dreidel is a Jewish item which was originally used for gambling, and they work by spinning on their points. The same happens in this trick shot where a player takes a gamble by jumping off of a high ledge, spinning in the air on the way down, and landing a shot on an enemy the second their feet hit the ground. It may end in death or victory, but it is something any pro gamer has the ability to master.

5 Savage Barbarian

It is truly savage when a player eliminates an enemy by using only their fists. This is a brave feat to accomplish when the enemy has a gun, and it takes smart maneuvering to be able to pull this off. It is only a trick shot if the other player is armed, as punching a disarmed man to death can be done by an average fool. It will probably result in death a few times before you are able to pull it off, but the reward of knowing you are one of the best players will make this achievement totally worth it.

4 Pathfinder's Capture

Pathfinder has the unique ability of a grapple, which he can use to attach himself to another player. This is a difficult thing to accomplish on its own, but it only becomes a trick shot if the player ends the grapple with either a killing shot or a melee. It is a difficult shot to master as the grapple does move the other player, either throwing them into the air or moving them from their current position as you release the grapple.

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3 Dizzy Bat

We all know the game of placing your forehead on a bat and spinning five times before shooting a basketball. The same concept applies to this trick shot, as a player spins around five times before landing a shot as they complete the final turn. It is almost next to impossible, but pro players are masters at achieving what average players perceive as myths and legends. You can try this if you dare, but don't be surprised if a random sniper shot takes you out halfway through your final turn.

2 Arc Star Super Pound

This is one of the most epic trick shots we have ever seen as it is a multi-step process and requires certain circumstances. This trick is only possible with the wooden slat houses which have an opening in the roof. An enemy player must be standing inside the building within that opening for this trick to work.

You stand on a ledge above the building and throw an arc star into the opening. Then you jump into the building, once you have thrown it, finishing the stunned player in a single shot. It is next to impossible, but other players have accomplished this legendary feat.

1 No-Scope Zipline Trickery

This trick is only possible if you are comfortable with using a sniper. The weapon type can be finicky, but there are players out there who are trained in the art of no-scoping. This trick works by hopping on a zip line towards an enemy, jumping off and performing a spin before landing a no-scope killing shot. It is epic, to say the least, and only the best can pull this off. The constant movement and minimal room for error are what makes this shot suitable for pro gamers to attempt.

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