Apex Legends: All You Need To Know About The Twitch Prime Rewards

Apex Legends has taken the gaming world by storm, immediately competing for the top battle-royale spot on Twitch. And with a popular game typically comes exclusive Twitch Prime loot. Apex Legends got some goodies pretty early in the game's life, and the loot included is actually pretty sweet. Available in the Twitch Prime offer is the Legendary Omega Point skin usable on the Legend Pathfinder, and five Apex Packs, the in-game loot boxes that can contain cosmetic items, stat trackers, and a lot more.

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Redeeming these rewards is very easy, and the instructions are below:

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First off, this Twitch Prime reward requires access to an Amazon Prime account. This comes with its own slew of benefits on Amazon, like free two-day shipping (or occasionally even same-day delivery) on a wide variety of products available on the website, a ton of TV shows, movies, and music to stream absolutely whenever for free, as well as a bunch of books to read on your Kindle. Amazon Prime is $12.99 a month (with a free 30-day trial available), but students can grab a 6-month trial and pay only $6.49 a month afterward. Someone with an EBT or Medicaid card could be eligible for Amazon Prime for $5.99 a month.


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Once an Amazon Prime account has been all set up, it's time to connect that Amazon account to your Twitch account. This will give access to one free subscription to any channel on Twitch every month, allowing the account owner to support content creators a little easier, as well as give access to an incredible library of in-game items. These range from the most popular games around to some smaller games to try out. Twitch Prime can also give access to free games every once in a while, helping fill out that already-dense game backlog just a little bit more.

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The combo of these two account benefits every month is certainly a worthwhile expense. Even if the account isn't active all the time, it's worth activating every once in a while if there's some in-game loot or a free game available that month that's worth checking out. Most of the time the offers available on Twitch Prime are there for about three months, so it's worth waiting until there are quite a few offers amassed that are worth taking a look at.


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The loot included in the Apex Legends Twitch Prime offer is an exclusive skin for Pathfinder, the lovable and slightly awkward robot Legend in the game. As mentioned in previous articles, Pathfinder is a Legend that isn't incredibly popular, but players who take the time to learn how to use him effectively can be a force of nature, pouncing on enemy teams from locations they don't expect, and getting their teams to advantageous positions earlier and easier than every other Legend in the game. Pathfinder easily has the most maneuverability of any Legend in the game (so far), and players that like to maximize mobility to suit their play-style are going to have a great time with this Legend. (And an even better time with a cool skin to use)

The Apex Packs in Apex Legends can contain any of the cosmetics available in the game that are available to buy with crafting parts. This includes Legend skins, banner frames, banner poses, stat trackers, weapon skins, and crafting parts that are used to unlock any of the aforementioned items. The only things that can't be unlocked with Apex Packs or crafting parts are badges, which are unlocked by achieving certain feats during a match, like dealing 2000 damage in one game, wiping an entire enemy squad yourself, winning a match with no one on the squad dying, and so on.

Overall, a player that chooses Pathfinder often is going to be happy with this offer. A player that doesn't play Pathfinder much may or may not get something to use from the Apex Packs, since the loot included in them is randomized. The Apex Packs could unlock some pretty awesome rewards, or they could all unlock stuff that isn't ever going to be used.


Q: Can the content be accessed on multiple platforms?

A: No. The content can only be accessed from the first platform you log into after redeeming the Twitch Prime reward. If you immediately log into the PS4 after redeeming the reward, it will only be redeemable on your PS4.

Q: Will the content still be usable if/when I no longer have Twitch Prime?

A: Yes, the content will be yours to keep, subject to any Apex Legends terms and conditions.

Q: How do I access my new content?

A: To equip your new Pathfinder skin, you need to select him on your menu screen, access the “skins” option, and locate the new skin in that tab. To open your five Apex Packs, you'll need to navigate to the top right of your screen that should indicate you have Apex Packs to redeem.

Q: Can I link different Twitch Prime accounts to my EA account and redeem the offer on multiple accounts?

A: No. The offer is only valid for a single EA account, and on a single platform.

Q: Where can I download Apex Legends?A: Apex Legends is available on the PlayStation Store, the Xbox One Store, and on Origin for PC.

Q: I claimed the offer but don't see my content in-game.

A: First, make sure the Twitch account you redeemed the offer on is linked to the EA account that you're logged into when playing Apex Legends. If it isn't you'll need to unlink the account currently connected to your Twitch account and set it up with the correct EA account. Then, restart the game client, and your loot should be there for the taking!

Q: How long are the exclusive Twitch Prime Apex Legends rewards going to be available?

A: The exclusive Twitch Prime rewards for Apex Legends are going to be available until April 18, 2019.

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