Apex Legends Is Falling Off Hard, At Least On Twitch

Respawn's Apex Legends came through with a bang and kept that bang through its first month, earning over 50 million players during the period.

Gamers who had been hoping for a new Fortnite alternative must have been quite pleased with the new battle royale, and its launch was considered a great success.

As of late, though, it's fallen off significantly, at least in terms of Twitch views, dropping from a peak average concurrent viewership of 238,69 in mid-February to just 62,504 at the time of writing (April 13), according to TwitchMetrics. The actual peak and current viewership paint a worse picture, with the game falling from 304,966 to 56,302.

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Apex's launch was undoubtedly the best and smoothest from the battle royale genre, but Respawn, in its efforts to keep ahead of the competition and keep players hooked, seems to have done more damage than good through its patches.

Its first update should have been a simple bug fix, yet it introduced even more glitches, causing unwanted abilities, like player flight, and there was also an issue with malfunctioning guns.

To be fair, those were all fixed in a few days. However, Respawn managed to anger a great many players when the 1.1 update reset player accounts as soon as they logged in, leaving users without their stats, legends, skins, and currency. That too was sorted out eventually, but it appears that patience is running thin, and players aren't keen on sticking around for a seesaw of mistakes and resulting fixes.

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What makes this worse is the fact that the updates hardly come with major substance. The game has only had around three balance patches apart from bug fixes and most of them came with nerfed weapons and abilities. Since its release on February 4th, only one new character and one new gun have made it through to players.

Fortnite, on the other hand, is updated every week by Epic Games, and new weapons or items are made available with almost every patch. Additionally, Epic seems to be using Apex Legends as inspiration to make their own game better, while Respawn stagnates.

It certainly appears to be a case of Apex failing to live up to its own success, which means that Respawn will probably have to work twice as hard to keep up now.

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