Apex Legends Voidwalker Event Brings New Patch Notes, Few Changes

Apex Legends' new Voidwalker event is now live for a limited time. Here's everything you need to know.


Apex Legends' new Voidwalker event is now live for a limited time.

In keeping with the recently unveiled animated short going over Wraith’s origins, the Voidwalker event adds in-game relics of Wraith’s past, some fancy new skins, and a brand new limited-time game mode that will prove how quick you are to pull the trigger.

First things first, Kings Canyon has changed. A secret abandoned IMC facility has been uncovered along with a working portal prototype. That portal really does work and can allow you to "get an early jump on the base" or go back into the air for another skydive entrance. There's also a ton of lore to find as long as you're cool with looking around instead of frantically trying to murder and/or avoid being murdered.

A brand new game mode is also available called Armed and Dangerous. This mode limits weapons to just snipers and shotguns while making overall loot far more scarce. This means armor is less likely to spawn, which also means that a sniped headshot is far more likely to result in a kill.

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A few new event challenges are also here. For doing various things like getting headshots and playing the new Armed and Dangerous game mode, you can unlock skins, badges, and crafting materials. Tier 1 starts off with some lighter requirements, while Tier 2 is for those who can truly shine in the Apex Games.

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What's a new event without new cosmetics? The Voidwalker Wraith skin is available for 1,800 Apex Coins, while the Void Shadow frame is 1,000 Apex Coins. There are a few other fancy skins available for 500 coins, which works out to about $5.

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Some bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and balance changes to weapons and characters round on the new event. The full list can be viewed on the Apex Legends website.

Voidwalker runs from September 3rd to 17th, so better get started on those event challenges. Also, check out the brand new "Stories from the Outlands - Voildwalker" animated short that just arrived. It's pretty sweet, and it dives deep into Wraith's origins and motivations.

Source: EA

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