The 10 Best Weapons In Apex Legends (And 9 That Should Be Avoided)

Apex Legends is filled to the brim with unique weapons and various weapon upgrades, allowing for a wide variety of play styles. You've got your standard assault rifles for those who prefer a more offensive and fast-paced approach. You've got shotguns for those who like to get up close and personal, veering through hallways and buildings. There's also sniper rifles for those who like to camp out near the circle and pick off incoming (or departing) squads. And then there's the pistols, which are...pistols. No one really uses those.

All this is to say that the sheer variety of weapons ensures a mix of quality. Not every weapon is going to be a beast worthy of mowing down opponents - you also need the useless to balance it out. Some guns are simply better than others, not accounting for personal preference. There is damage, fire rate, upgrades, stability, and rounds to consider, and each weapon has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

To consider the best and worst guns, we must consider the stats and not personal preference. For example, just because one player is useless with a specific sniper rifle doesn't mean that that specific rifle is useless. In fact, it could be a very good gun, stats-wise. Therefore, we must remain as impartial as can be when considering the overall quality of the weapons while still acknowledging that everyone has their own personal preferences.

With that said, these are ten weapons you should be using, and nine that you should ignore.

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19  Use: R-301

via: progameguides.com

The R-301 may not look like much on the surface. It only holds 18 rounds per magazine, and it only deals 14 body and 28 head damage, statistically making it the weakest assault rifle in the game. Luckily, it fires like a beast. It deals 186 damage per second on the body and 336 on the head and fires at 720 rounds per minute. And when you take this account, the R-301 actually becomes the fastest assault rifle in the game. If you prefer rifles over shotguns or snipers, you should definitely consider the R-301.

18 Avoid: Hemlok

via: ca.ign.com

The Hemlok is a three-round burst assault rifle. Its three-round burst deals 54 body and 108 head damage per shot, making it one of the hardest-hitting assault rifles in the game. The trick is actually hitting your target! Firing in bursts is difficult and requires great aim, which could be a problem for those who prefer to spray and pray. The weapon also comes with a single-shot fire mode, and some people may find this a little easier to control, but it too requires great aim. It's not bad, but you can find a better assault rifle.

17 Use: Prowler

via: gamecrate.com

A lot of people sleep on the Prowler, which is a darned shame, because it is easily the best sub-machine gun in the game. Its five-round burst deals incredible damage (70 body and 105 head), and it fires at an incredible 800 rounds per minute, making it one of the fastest weapons. When you combine its insane fire rate AND high damage output, you can see why this is one of the best choices you could possibly make when it comes to close-quarters combat. Don't shrug it off just because it's an SMG!

16 Avoid: R-99

via: progameguides.com

Now don't me wrong - the R-99 is by no means one of the game's worst guns. It's just not really one of the best, either. It's probably the most vanilla SMG, but it can be deadly in the right hands. What the R-99 lacks in damage output it makes up for in fire rate. Holding 18 rounds per magazine, the R-99 fires at 1,080 rounds per minute and deals 216 damage per second, making it one of the fastest guns in the game. That said, it's not very accurate, and should only be used in very close-quarters.

15 Use: Devotion

via: progameguides.com

When it comes to full-auto weapons, you can't really do any better than the Devotion. It holds a massive 44 rounds in its magazine, which makes it a quality gun for large-scale shootouts as you don't need to reload very often. It's also a very fast gun, shooting 900 rounds per minute and doling out 255 damage per second on the body and 510 on the head. It can absolutely shred opponents thanks to its fast damage output and mag size, and it almost always wins in a 1v1 AR battle thanks to its lack of reload time.

14  Avoid: VK-47 Flatline

via: gamecrate.com

The VK-47 Flatline is a good gun. It does decent damage (16 body and 32 head) and it holds 20 rounds, the most of the ARs. You should only avoid it when you have the choice between it and the R-301. Yes, it's a little more powerful, but it's also much slower. Whereas the R-301 fires at 720 RPM, the VK-47 only manages 600, and it deals lower damage per second. If you're going single-shot, then sure, maybe use the VK-47. But if you prefer using the default auto mode, you should always go with the R-301 over the VK-47.

13 Use: Spitfire

via: gamespot.com.br

The Spitfire is a very popular weapon, and for good reason. It contains 35 rounds per magazine (the second most in the game) and deals significant damage - 20 body, 40 head. That said, it's much slower than the Devotion at 512 rounds per minute, making it one of the slowest machine guns. That said, it still deals 180 DPS on the body and 360 on the head, making it deadlier than any of the assault rifles (even slightly more damaging than the R-301 when it comes to headshots). If you have good aim, you should seriously consider the Spitfire.

12 Avoid: Alternator

via: progameguides.com

The Alternator is a sub-machine gun, but it has no business being in the same category as the R-99 and the Prowler. It deals virtually the same damage as the R-99 (13 body and 19 head against the R-99's 12 body and 18 head), but it holds less rounds AND fires much slower. Whereas the R99 unleashes at an mind-melting 1,080 rounds per minute, the Alternator only squeaks out 640, making its damage per second the weakest of all the machine guns. Use the Alternator as a starting weapon and immediately discard it when the chance allows.

11 Use: Longbow

via: YouTube.jpeg

The sniper rifles are tricky to categorize. In fact, aside from one particular beast, they mostly come down to personal preference. That said, you really can't go wrong with the Longbow. It's the most damaging of the sniper rifles, as one shot deals 55 body damage and 110 head damage. You can also add the Skullpiercer attachment for massive headshot damage, making this (arguably) the most deadly SR in the game. That said, it's also the slowest, so you really need to make every shot count.

10 Avoid: Triple Take

via: YouTube.com

The Triple Take is an interesting sniper rifle in that it fires three bullets in a spray pattern. This makes for interesting strategy, and it can be devastating in the right hands. Unfortunately, not too many people have the right hands, and they simply treat it like a regular sniper rifle. And if you're doing that, you can definitely do better. It's the weakest sniper rifle in the game in terms of single-bullet damage output and most players don't utilize the spray correctly. Save the Triple Take for the professionals.

9 Use: G7 Scout

via: YouTube.jpeg

The G7 Scout is the other semi-auto sniper rifle in the game (alongside the Longbow). And while it deals significantly less damage than the Longbow, it bests the Triple Take when it comes to single rounds. It's also the fastest sniper rifle in the game, and as such, it deals the highest damage per second of the three (120 body, 240 head). Add an extended mag and barrel stabilizer for even better performance, and you have yourself a very solid, and very fast, sniper rifle.

8 Avoid: P2020

via: YouTube.jpeg

The P2020 is a starter weapon and nothing more. In other words, if you come across a gun - ANY other gun - then pick it up and ditch this. The P2020 is often slept on thanks to its low damage output and relatively small mag size, but it's fast and can quickly take down an enemy without a shield. You don't want to be using the P2020 when you're in the final five, but it makes for a decent starting weapon and can deal some quick damage while everyone is still running around and collecting items.

7 Use: Wingman

via: holdtoreset.com

If you absolutely have to use a pistol, use the Wingman. It's crazy good. In fact, it's so good than some players use it as their primary weapon! It deals crazy damage at 45 body and 90 head (making it more powerful than most machine guns), and when you add the Skullpiercer for extra headshot damage, the Wingman becomes one of the most powerful guns in the game. However, it requires a steady and calm hand (especially if you're going for headshots) and it shoots rather slow, which could be a problem if you find yourself against a machine gun.

6 Avoid: RE-45

via: gamecrate.com

The RE-45 can only be compared to the P2020. Unlike the P2020, the RE-45 is full auto and holds 15 rounds per magazine, making it much faster than its brethren. It deals 132 damage per second compared to the P2020's 84, and fires at 750 rounds per minute. It's very fast, which makes up for its weak damage. It's actually a little weaker than the P2020, dealing 11 body and 16 head damage compared to the P2020's 12 and 18, respectively. The speed also means that it kicks like a mule, and many people have trouble controlling the recoil.

5 Use: Peacekeeper

via: attackofthefanboy.com

When it comes to shotguns, you can't go wrong with the Peacekeeper. The Peacekeeper is a lever-action shotgun that packs a heavy punch, dealing 110 damage per second on the body and 165 on the head. That said, it is rather slow (by far the slowest shotgun at 58 rounds per minute), so you really have to make your shots count. Luckily, you can add the Precision Choke attachment for a more concentrated (and much deadlier) spread. Good aim is required, but when this gun connects, it connects hard.

4 Avoid (But Maybe Use?): EVA-8

via: progameguides.com

When it comes to the EVA-8 and the Peacekeeper, it mostly comes down to personal preference. Whereas the Peacekeeper packs a wicked punch and is great for 1v1 battles, the EVA-8 is much faster and holds more rounds. It serves as the much better choice if you're a more chaotic shooter, and it's much stronger in squad shootouts thanks to its rapid fire rate. That said, it doesn't have the range that the Peacekeeper does, so you REALLY need to get in there to make it count. But really, you can take or leave the EVA-8.

3 Use: Mastiff

via: gamespot.com

If you're lucky enough to come across the gold Mastiff, absolutely pick that thing up (or at least ping it for your teammates if you don't trust yourself). Yes, it only holds four rounds and the ammo cannot be replenished, but four rounds is really all you need. This bad boy dishes out 144 damage per second on the body and an incredible 288 on the head, so you can easily take out a couple of enemies without reloading. This thing is borderline unstoppable in close quarters, and it can cut through entire teams like butter.

2 Avoid: Mozambique

via: dotesports.com

Ah, the Mozambique. Over the past month, players have decided what guns they prefer and which ones they hate, and while opinions widely vary, everyone can agree on one thing - the Mozambique is terrible. It's the breakout star of the game, but not in a good way. Players have memed its utter uselessness, as it deals what seems like no damage and only holds THREE (yes, three) rounds. If you come across the Mozambique, just ignore it - it's better to go into battle with your fists than this utter piece of garbage.

1 Use: Kraber .50-Cal

via: YouTube.com

The Kraber .50-Cal is the other gold weapon in the game, and it absolutely needs to be used. It holds four rounds, and each round delivers a certifiable punch that will leave entire teams scrambling for health packs. It comes equipped with a scope that can see for miles, and each shot deals 125 damage to the body and 250 to the head, making it by far the most powerful weapon in the game. While not everyone is great with a sniper rifle, those that are need to experience the Kraber .50-Cal. It's heavenly.

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