Apex Legends: A Beginner's Guide To Wraith

Apex Legends adds unique characters with special abilities to the Battle Royale genre, and Wraith is one of the most fun to play.

Apex Legends turns the Battle Royale genre on its head in a number of ways, the most obvious of which being the Legends players can choose to play as. The Legends function much like the heroes of games like Overwatch, with unique abilities that are sometimes easy to learn, and always difficult to master. Wraith is one of the six characters first available for new players to pick up, and us such we put together a little beginner's guide for people just getting started with the game.

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Wraith is a really interesting character to play, but her abilities can take some time to master. She is a close combat fighter, and well suited for scouting. Wraith can also drop in and out of battle easily, using her dimensional rift or void ability.


Like all Apex Legends characters, Wraith has three different abilities. Her passive ability is called Voices From The Void and serves as a warning system. She also has a tactical ability, Into The Void, which allows her to move without taking damage for a short period of time. Her final, ultimate ability, is called Dimensional Rift and allows her to create portals between two areas.

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Voices From The Void

The passive ability, Voices From The Void, is one of the most useful but does come with a slight learning curve. Voices, which only you can hear, will help warn you of incoming dangers. Sometimes they can be hard to pick out, but having headphones on or the subtitles enabled helps. They will say things like “danger, move”, “they’re aiming right at you” and “they’ve spotted me”. You can also hear more exaggerated footsteps on occasion.

They can be hard to pick out, but having headphones on or the subtitles enabled helps.

While it can take time to notice the voices, and pick them out among the chatter, it’s worth persisting. They can help you avoid traps and detect nearby enemies, who may be waiting to ambush you. Rarely, your voices might warn you that there are enemies nearby, and pressing your ping button quickly will allow you to mark them for your allies.

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Into The Void

Wraith’s tactical ability is called Into The Void. By activating it, she is able to quickly run from one place to another while being immune to damage. This ability has a 19-second cooldown and lasts 3 seconds. It has both positives and negatives.

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On the plus side, once you hit the Q button (or console equivalent), you are immune to damage for the entire 3 seconds and get a 20% movement boost. This is incredibly useful for running away from other teams, getting out of a closing circle, and can be very powerful when combined with other abilities.

The downside is that you cannot see other players while you are "in" the void - but enemy players can definitely see the trail you're leaving behind. You also can't "exit" the void early to surprise enemies. Use this ability with caution.

The shadowy figure is there to mark where you will be when you come out of the rift.

If you keep an eye out you while in the void, you will see shadowy figures moving in front of you. In the screenshot below you can see one just to the right of the revive icon. This is not a friend or foe. The figure is there to mark where you will be when you come out of the rift, assuming you keep moving in the same direction.

via screenshot

Dimensional Rift

Wraith’s ultimate ability has the longest cooldown and is one of the most powerful in the game when used well. Once activated, it will drop a portal on the ground at your feet. Wraith then receives a boost to her movement speed, so she can move quickly to another desired location and drop a connecting portal. Keep an eye on the energy bar as if you haven’t dropped another portal when it runs out then it will automatically do it for you.

Once placed the portals will remain in place for 60 seconds and any player can use them - friend or foe. While the portals can transport your teammates, they can also help your enemies follow you. The ability is fantastic for moving teams out of a closing circle, flanking enemies and for injured teammates to crawl into so you can revive them safely at the other end.

And a clever Wraith player can use the fact the portals are traversible by enemies to their advantage, as shown in the 200 IQ-level play below:


Overall, Wraith is a very flexible character, whose abilities can be used both offensively and defensively. She makes a strong choice for a new player and players will still be finding interesting new ways to use her unique skills.

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