Apex Legends: Everything You Need To Know About The Wraith Knife

Apex Legends literally came out of nowhere and has taken the Battle Royale scene by storm. The formula is the trademark high-powered Respawn multiplayer merged with the popular BR genre, then mixed with a focus on tight team dynamics - the final results have gelled very well with audiences over the last month.

Yet, now that all the surprise excitement has subsided just slightly, we're going to be able to uncover the mysteries the developers have hidden inside it.

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Plenty of rare and exclusive items are waiting to be uncovered for passionate players, the current Holy Grail of which is the Kunai Knife — so let's find out all about it...

10 Only Wraiths Can Use It

The majority of weapons in Apex Legend are useable by all characters (if found on the battlefield).

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As of now, only the Wraith can obtain and use the specific Kunai knife as a melee weapon. This is due to her character being the only one with a dedicated Heirloom Apex Pack (at present, at least).

9 Looks Way Cooler Than Standard Melee

So standard melee has you pulling out your clenched fist, ready for some fist-a-cuffs action; ideal when you're up close to your long-range opponent, or if you're desperate and completely out of bullets.

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Well, the Wraith's knife adds a whole level of cool to the melee attack; not only is it a distinctly manufactured item but the attack animation and stylish groove it puts the player on, is next level stuff.

8 Doesn't Alter Damage Points

As coveted an item the Kunai knife is, surprisingly its main attraction only boils down to a cosmetic appeal and not anything else.

The Wraith's melee attack will do just as much damage in its original form as with the Kunai knife. Yet, you look way cooler doing it with the Kunai knife - so there's that.

7  It Can't Be Crafted

So, yet another reason why the Wraith's stand-out knife is enjoying such a drool-worthy and acclaimed reputation is due to its limited methods of obtainability.

Through playing matches you earn the game's distinct metal currency, a form of trade you can use to craft the majority of skins and items available in Apex Legends.

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The knife in question though, cannot under any circumstances be crafted in this manner — so what manner is it possible to get then?

6 Part Of The Heirloom Set

It's only found via the Heirloom Set, which is by far the most difficult to obtain Apex Pack. Its rareness is the stuff of Apex...umm, legend.

The Wraith's Kunai knife is likely the most championed item in the game due to this — yet, supposedly it's only currently the tip of the iceberg. There are rumoured to be several other hidden items within the game that not even the most obsessed fan have found yet.

5 Technically It's Only A New Skin

Oh yeah — don't get us wrong, the Kunai Wraith knife looks stunningly saucy with its purple glow and distinct art design - but is it a whole new weapon? The answer is...not really.

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As mentioned before, it looks darn spiffy, but it functions exactly like the original Wraith melee otherwise.

Is that going to distract gamers from wanting it? We doubt it, because showboating it on the battlefield comes with its own bragging rights. Only the most passionate of players seem to have this weapon, and that alone is enough to make everyone want it.

4 It's Really Really Tough To Find

As mentioned before, the Kunai knife is part of the Heirloom set, which also is the hardest to find loot box within the game.

How hard? Well, if you're a gambling man, try these odds; several media outlets have claimed the chance of obtaining a Legendary Heirloom Set is a ripe 500 to one.

How do you like them apples? Then again, you could be lucky and get it on your first try.

3 Expect Similar Items For Other Characters

Due to the crazy and coveted reception the Wraith's knife has received, you can expect Respawn to follow suit with doing the same model for other characters.

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At the end of the day, it's a business and with Free-To-Play, the money is literally in the cosmetic extras. Considering what a big deal this limited item has received, more is on the way for certain.

2 It Comes With Unique Additional Features

If you're lucky enough to actually land the Legendary Heirloom Set — you'll, of course, find that aforementioned knife.

Luckily the set will also come with some icing on the cake; "Come at me" becomes the Wraith's new intro quip, and she gets the new Fearless pose on the loading screen as well.

It is hardly something to do a backflip about but let's not complain about a little extra value, huh?

1 So How Do You Actually Get It?

Enough skirting the issue; how do you really get this knife then?

The simple answer is one you might not be happy to hear, but let's break it down; the only way to actually get it is through random Apex Packs you either have earned or bought in the game.

Simple? Not really, since the Heirloom Set is the most difficult to find out of any of the loot drops.

So you can expect only the most ardent and passionate players to be rocking it - which is sort of the point. On the other hand, you could just get darn lucky and land it quickly. It all boils down to a game of chance in the end.

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