Apex Streamer Shroud Likely To Require Second Surgery On His Arm After Accident

Things are looking up for top Twitch streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek after a rough scooter injury saw him fracture his left arm. He hosted a stream right after surgery to answer fan questions and share his recovery status. He still has a ways to go before he's back in fighting form, with another operation to put in an elbow plate likely, but he was still in good spirits as he reconnected with viewers.

Earlier this week, fellow streamer Justin “Just9n” Ortiz reported Shroud's injury to his fans on Reddit. He explained that Shroud had an accident while riding a scooter, flying for about 10 feet before hitting the asphalt hard. He apparently shifted during the fall to save his right arm, where his mouse-using hand is, which in turn caused the left arm to take the brunt of the impact.

Surgery followed quickly, and afterwards Shroud was discharged. He quickly hopped onto Twitch to give viewers his first-person account of the accident, reports Dot Esports.

Shroud said he could feel himself falling in slow motion as he flew over the scooter's handlebars. In the moment, he remembers doing everything he could to avoid landing on his head or right arm. He told viewers, “I purposefully shifted my whole body to go my left side, so the whole left side of my body is just road rashed and f**king busted up, and my right side is just chilling.”

Even though he did manage to save his "aiming" hand on the right arm, his left is still in a cast. He can't "game comfortably" unless it's one-handed games, of which there aren't many, so he didn't give any indication of when he might return to gaming full time. As it is, he will need to return to the hospital for a post-surgery evaluation next week. The first surgery was only to clean the wound. He thinks a second will be needed to put a plate in the left arm.

After all the needed surgeries are done, Shroud will be in a sling or cast as he recovers. In light of that, his streaming schedule remains up in the air.

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