Apple Arcade: How To Keep Track Of New Releases

It's been a month since Apple Arcade released for everyone who upgraded their devices to iOS 13. Anyone who joined the service was treated to about 100 games on launch, with some real gems just waiting to be discovered by mobile enthusiastic gamers.

What these fans may not have realized is that Apple Arcade has already released several batches of new games for the platform, including the wonderfully-charming Things That Go Bump and Namco's high-profile party game PAC-MAN Party Royale.

So, how can you keep track of what's new on the platform? There are a few ways to keep up to date

1. Turn on notifications for the app store

Turning on notifications for the app store will let Apple tell you when something new comes out for the arcade. For instance, on Friday, Apple Arcade users were notified that Ballistic Baseball, Manifold Garden, and Pac-Man Party Royale had released that day.


Unfortunately, there are reports that not everyone has been receiving these notifications, and they haven't shown up every time Apple Arcade gets new games, so this might not be the most-reliable way to track when new releases come to the platform.

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2. Check the 'New Arcade Games' section

The most-obvious way to track new games is also, unfortunately, not entirely reliable.

One of the sections in Apple's hand-curated home screen is labeled "New Arcade Games," and it does show games that have been recently-added to the device.


Unfortunately, it isn't very specific about what "New Games" means, since three of the games featured in that section -- Tangle Tower, Assemble with Care, and Shinsekai Into the Depths, have been around since the beginning.

There's also the fact that Apple regularly mixes up what sections they feature on the homepage, so there's always the chance that it won't be there when you want to check out what's new.

3. Hit the "See All Games" button

At the very bottom of Apple Arcade's main screen, there's a "see all games" button, and it does exactly what it says it will: it lets users browse every single game on the platform. More importantly for our purposes, it organizes the games based on when they were released, starting with the most-recent.


It's not a feature that will automatically let you know whenever there's something new, but it is a surefire way to check back and make sure that there's nothing you've missed while you weren't paying attention.

4. Follow Apple Arcade on Twitter

If you prefer to get your updates on social media, Apple Arcade has its own Twitter account that will do nicely for your purposes.  It doesn't over-promote itself, but recently it's done a good job of keeping fans updated about whenever something new comes out.

It wasn't always this way -- the account completely forgot to mention the new games that came out on October 5, for instance -- but those early growing pains seem to have fallen to the wayside, and the social media team has stayed on top of all the most-recent updates.

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