Apple Arcade Is Out Now - If You Download The Latest Update

After initial reports that Apple Arcade was live for some beta users, it seems that the service has gone live for people that have installed today's update.

Several game studios have begun to push out promotions for the Apple Arcade releases of their games. This includes developers of iOS exclusives like Painty Mob and Over The Alps, as well as pedigreed devs behind titles like Enter The Gungeon.

Many users have already installed the service, with several streams and video clips of games on the platform already out in the wild. The general consensus of the service appears to be a positive one, as outlets such as Kotaku have heralded the service as "mobile gaming without the bullshit."

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It seems that all any iOS user has to do is simply install iOS 13.0 today to get immediate access to the service. The new update pushes out myriad new features, such as the new "Sign in with Apple" ability, the ability to sync up a DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller, and an entirely overhauled text manipulation feature which implements new gesture controls for basic word processor functions. There's also a Dark Mode.

The general reception of the update also seems to be positive, with many people lauding it as a massive improvement over 12, and pointing out how much Apple seems to have pulled out all the stops this time around. Only time will tell if there are long-term stability issues, but insofar, it seems to be a real winner.

And for gamers, it's a must-have download. Apple Arcade seems poised to be the next big thing with mobile gaming, and with so many options on launch day, it's absolutely worth giving a shot. We'll have our own impressions of the service up over the weekend, so keep your eye on the site for our thoughts.

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