Apple's Fall Update To Support PS4 and Xbox One S Controllers

Apple has announced that both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S controllers will be compatible with the iOS 13 update.

It’s (finally) becoming a great time to be both a gamer and an iPhone user.

Hot on the heels of the Steam Link App being added to iOS devices, Apple has announced that both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S controllers will be compatible with the iOS 13 update.

The announcement comes with Apple’s iOS 13 Preview, which details the updates and enhancements that will be pushed to iOS devices sometime in Fall 2019.

Not much additional information was given as to the technical details for connecting a controller with an iPhone, but knowing Apple, it should be relatively straightforward and (most importantly) user-friendly. Prior to iOS 13, only MFi Bluetooth controllers were compatible with iOS devices, which no self-respecting gamer would dare be caught using, especially on a mobile device.

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The controller compatibility will coincide with the all-new Apple Arcade, which will feature “over 100 groundbreaking new games,” including a narrative puzzle game, Where Cards Fall; Lego Brawls, a Super Smash Bros.-inspired Lego “multiplayer brawler;” and Hot Lava (which will also be available on Steam), where players have to avoid touching the floor that is made out of lava. Based on the trailers for the games mentioned, controller support makes a lot of sense. The Apple Arcade is being touted as “a gaming service unlike any other,” which will feature a paid subscription for “all you can play” gaming, which most believe will resemble something similar to the Apple Music subscription service.

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Although Apple’s investment in the Apple Arcade and its developers is massive, it is far too early to know just how lucrative the investment will be. The stigma surrounding mobile gaming won’t go away overnight (you’ve seen the memes). Depending on the content that is actually delivered to the Apple Arcade, mobile gaming could become even bigger and more socially acceptable as a gaming standard from the perspective of the more “hardcore” gaming community.

Adding PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S controller support will be an additional asset in making it more acceptable to play mobile games as a regular platform, specifically for its use with Fornite and PUBG Mobile. It might require you to carry around your controller while you’re on the go, but that’s what backpacks are for, right?

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