Arby's Made A Super Mario Maker 2 Level, Seriously

Mystery meat purveyor Arby's has tweeted out a course ID for an official Super Mario Maker 2 level. The level now exists among the elite ranks of past branded video games including 7-Up's Cool Spot, Burger King's Sneak King, and Chex Quest.

Titled simply "The Arby's Level",it's a fairly short experience, featuring minor obstacles and spinning blades (or as Arby's calls them, "Meat Slicers") as well as coins spelling out the franchises slogan, "We Have The Meats." The level has been played over 40,000 times and getting the world record for it has become something of a challenge for Mario Maker content creators.

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Arby's is well known for boosting their brand using Nintendo games on Twitter. When Super Mario Odyssey released, Arby's tweeted a picture of their cowboy hat with Cappy's eyes. The weekend before Splatoon 2 came out, Arby's made a custom splatling gun to celebrate. For Super Mario Maker 2, they've gone farther than they ever have before by actually creating a legitimate level for players to try out.

The description for the level reads "Navigate the Meat Dungeon. Avoid molten Arby's Sauce. You know what to do." If you're able to navigate through the many thwomps and sauce-covered Cheep Cheeps in "the Meat Dungeon", you'll be rewarded with a roast beef sandwich and onion rings.

It's a charming tie-in, albeit forced in a way that reeks of "How do you do, fellow kids?" Streamers and Youtubers have been ironically playing the level in an effort to break the world record, including Mario aficionado Ryukahr who set the previous record of 34 seconds, before it was broken this week by a player named SilverGold, who finished the level in an impressive 31 seconds.

Whether other slop shops will jump on the Mario Maker bandwagon remains to be seen. Perhaps Mcdonalds will make a Mcdonaldland level featuring coins in the shape of the golden arches, a boy can dream right?

You can use code JGX-MQ8-VRG to try to level out yourself. Super Mario Maker 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch and has been the best selling game in the UK for 3 weeks straight.

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